Fix-It Friday - June 2024

Well my Forum friends, we made it to Friday! :grinning: I know we haven’t done an update in a bit, but it is time to get back on track. We will gather new issues for June and have an update with all the issues still on the list and the new ones we add next Friday.

If this is your first Fix-It Friday, welcome! For background, while our communities are not designed to be a replacement for Wyze Support , our community members and community managers do our best to help you out here. As our communities scale up, we want to make sure that any outstanding bugs or issues that you folks are facing are on our internal radar and that we’re transparent in our process of working on them.

Here’s how this works:

  • We’ll make a post on the first Friday of the month in every community (Core Community on Facebook, Forums, Reddit, and Discord).
  • Check the comments. If you see any other comments with issues that you’re facing, vote for them with a like (the heart button at the bottom of their reply)
  • Got something new? Reply to our post with the top issue that you’re facing this week with your Wyze products to help loop us in.
  • We’ll grab the top comment from each community and make a follow-up post on Monday to detail what those issues are and how we plan to fix them. If we need more info from the community to help figure out what’s going on, we’ll let you know on Monday - so please make sure to take a look!
  • The following Mondays in the month, we’ll be posting updates about our progress on Fix-It Friday submissions.
  • Sometimes Mondays are actually Tuesdays if we don’t get all the info we need on time for posting on Monday. Our apologies! :sweat_smile:
  • Remember, this is for existing things that aren’t working right. If you are looking for a new feature or for us to add functionality that’s not already available, please use our Wishlist instead!

We’re constantly working on improvements for everyone. But we hope that this process will both help us prioritize issues that are important to our communities and help you feel more in the loop.

Got a request for something new or an additional feature? Check our Wishlist to see if it’s in the works or has been requested. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fix-It Friday Callout


Please RE-FIX things so that a user will not instantly lose all of their cloud videos should someone else acquire and register one of their cameras.

Apparently this was resolved, but it is now broken again.

  1. If someone steals a cam and registers it on their account, the original user instantly loses all (possibly theft, burglary and assault related) CamPlus cloud footage for that camera.

  2. If I give a cam I am using to a friend in a fit o’ generosity (not uncommon) to convert them to this deranged cause, I immediately lose all footage for that cam.

Cloud footage should ALWAYS be accessible to the original user for at least the full 14 days expected!!!

@carverofchoice and many others more calm and sane that I will likely support this view with better facts.

Thank you!


Please fix this


Playback of the SD card does not work at all from the events page on many new cams including my March 2024 V3. Been this way for months. Just one of many post>


Cam Pan v3 has been especially problematic in same regard for many, many months. I think most, including myself, have abandoned reporting and logging the issue. Same scenario… can’t access SD from events, but works fine accessing from live stream.


OG Cam not recording properly from playback. Stops after 10–60 seconds. Almost impossible to get a clip of an event. Please fix.


[Re-Fix] Wyse 2019 Bulbs can not be added to Wyse app (Android or iOS). Upon reaching the step in the directions to select the bulb network, “Wyse_smartbulb_apxxx”, this specified network is no where to be found within the app. If you cannot add the bulb you can no longer use it.


Greyed-out playback button. Unable to playback video of an event using the playback button. For some unknown reason, the playback button is greyed-out and not available for use even if there is a µSD card installed. Only recourse, I found that works is a replacement of the camera.


No external access to Wyze cameras from cellular or external remote wiFi systems. Local in the house internal Wifi access, works as expected. Many fellow users have experienced issues with not being able to connect to their cameras when they are away from their home network. Viewing cams on the road or on a remote wifi at a shop is not available.

Some have indicated this is a possible issue with Xfininity routers/network while others indicated an issue without being not on Xfinity.

I am on AT&T and I can access the cameras in a nearby grocery store or anywhere around the world.


Outdoor plug is not following schedules. There is some issue going on that the socket 2 of the outdoor plug doesn’t follow set schedules.

There is a growing posting here:


Same issues this month as listed for April and May. I just decided to quit asking about the cooldown period on the WCO that nobody with Cam Plus or Unlimited wants. It wil never ever get fixed like a list of numerous other items…


This already listed this as an issue they are tracking. Last post they had on it,

Forum - Users are not able to connect to Live Stream if they are not on the same local network as the camera

We have been unable to replicate this but know it is affecting many. We have reached out to some of you to help us. If anyone has a camera affected by this and it is easily accessible, please replicate the issue and send in a log, post the log number here and we will push a firmware to the device that will allow us to get the type of log we need. We will then have you create microSD card logs and have you email them to us. If you are willing to do that let me know. Start with sending us a log and giving me the log number.

Will say the past posting was on 5/13,


Please fix the video doorbell V2. It doesn’t record motion events or sent notifications since the last 2 two firmware updates. There is no option to rollback the bad firmware either. The video doorbell V2 is basically a decoration.


I understand, I just wanted to list this here officially. This is a major problem for many. It needs more attention.


So I don’t need to vote tor this one?

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I second and third or fourth this and elaborate to say that every one of my Apple devices barfs at the one minute mark.

Some among us are idle and bored enough to install BlueStacks or buy extra Android tablets so we can record long events, but this ain’t the way it’s s’pposed to be!

Please apply some resources to making Apple devices work normally again!

Aw, fat the whuck, let’s vote while we can my friend!

I spend months abusing Ubiquiti about this kinda sheet. Wyze is in that league now and is eager to step up to the plate. I can sense it. :grin:

Look, Wyze, I love you guys, but ya gotsta work with us here…


Yes! Yes! Yes! … C’mon Wyze Dudes and Dudettes!


OK, if you have abandoned @Seapup (who has been here far longer that I, and much more loyal and informative that I) you are are at serious risk of removing all the soil beneath your pyramid…