Fix-It Friday - April 2024

Fix-It Friday Callout

Well my Forum friends, we made it to Friday! :grinning: Well, not really it’s only Wednesday and it isn’t the first Friday of the month yet. We are putting this out early since I will be on PTO. I will tally all the bugs on April 8th when I return.

If this is your first Fix-It Friday, welcome! For background, while our communities are not designed to be a replacement for Wyze Support , our community members and community managers do our best to help you out here. As our communities scale up, we want to make sure that any outstanding bugs or issues that you folks are facing are on our internal radar and that we’re transparent in our process of working on them.

Here’s how this works:

  • We’ll make a post on the first Friday of the month in every community (Core Community on Facebook, Forums, Reddit, and Discord).
  • Check the comments. If you see any other comments with issues that you’re facing, vote for them with a like (the heart button at the bottom of their reply)
  • Got something new? Reply to our post with the top issue that you’re facing this week with your Wyze products to help loop us in.
  • We’ll grab the top comment from each community and make a follow-up post on Monday to detail what those issues are and how we plan to fix them. If we need more info from the community to help figure out what’s going on, we’ll let you know on Monday - so please make sure to take a look!
  • The following Mondays in the month, we’ll be posting updates about our progress on Fix-It Friday submissions.
  • Sometimes Mondays are actually Tuesdays if we don’t get all the info we need on time for posting on Monday. Our apologies! :sweat_smile:
  • Remember, this is for existing things that aren’t working right. If you are looking for a new feature or for us to add functionality that’s not already available, please use our Wishlist instead!

We’re constantly working on improvements for everyone. But we hope that this process will both help us prioritize issues that are important to our communities and help you feel more in the loop.

Got a request for something new or an additional feature? Check our Wishlist to see if it’s in the works or has been requested. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to see how this works, you can check this previous Fix-It Friday post:


Enjoy Good Friday off.


App v2.50 bug removes the battery percentage being shown on the home tab like it used to and still does for the WCOs


Notification images for the Wyze Doorbell (v1) on Android are rotated 90-degrees. The livestreem and event recordings are correct, but the notifications are rotated.


When “record sound” is turned OFF under Advanced Settings on V3 and V3 Pro cameras some customers on Android phones and CAM+ unlimited get stuttering on event playback. Happens with the current version 2.50 of the App and all updated Firmware!
This was reported/accepted on the February and March 2024 Fix-it Friday list, and still has NOT been resolved.

P.S. thanks so very much for fixing the Spotlight Settings bug for the V3 Pro, and the Floating window icon disappearing on the Dark Theme!


Some people are not able to connect to their live stream if their phone is not on the same local network as the camera(s).

This is listed as a known issue being worked on already, but there are people who would love to get updates on this.


Some cams (especially OG’s) are having trouble with SD card playback:

People are having trouble viewing SD cards with OG cams after a recent update. The app seems to grey out or disable the playback button in some places for some people too.


Wyze Cam OG landscape mode on Android Go (?) doesn't work:

I’m experiencing the app behavior described in the first post of this topic:

Viewing my Cam OG in landscape mode on my tablet running Android 13 (Go edition) doesn’t work at all. When I try to view that stream in landscape mode, the app resets itself back to its home screen. I can view the Cam OG in portrait mode, and both modes are working as expected for the Cam Pan v3 (the only other Wyze cameras I have for comparison at present).

Interestingly, I can rotate to landscape for the Cam OG when the camera is off, but if I tap the on-screen button to turn the camera back on, I see the same behavior: the app resets to the home screen.

The Cam OG’s landscape mode works as expected on other devices running regular (not “Go”) Android versions 10 and 13. I don’t know if the issue is related to the Cam OG’s UI (which has different-looking screen controls and graphics compared to my Cam Pan v3s) or to the “Go” variant of Android or to something else entirely, but trying to view the OG on my tablet fails in a consistent manner.

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App is not letting user switch Camera licenses back to Cam Plus Lite

(ie: take a camera on CPUnlimited and try to put it back on CPLite)


HMS Sense Hub fails to reconnect to the network after random disconnect and requires manual reboot to reconnect.

This is a security system that we pay a subscription for. It’s #1 priority should be to stay connected so it can alert if a security incident occurs. The fact that this continues to be a problem should bump this bug up to a critical severity. Several users have reported this issue through the app, on Reddit, and on the forums.

If you do not fix this soon I will have no choice but to trash the entire Wyze HMS and go with a competitor whose monitoring system stays connected.

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FYI, this issue was already accepted into the last Fix-it-Friday and will remain there until they resolve it:

Thankfully, we’re already scheduled to get Weekly updates on this one. :+1:


Playback button when viewing an Event video still displays error “SD card not found” on a recently setup v3 camera. SD card video can be viewed from the Home Live Stream screen.


Please clean up this message in the Watch module of the app:

I have the Wyze app installed on two different Android-based phones. I have a Watch 47 paired with one phone. If I tap the Watch 47 device from the main app screen on the other phone, this generates a message: “This watch is already paired with another mobile device on this account. Do you want to use this device instead? Please make sure Wyze Watch is nearby and didn’t paired with any other iOS system bluetooth.” At least three things are wrong with this message:

  • Instead of “didn’t paired” (which doesn’t make grammatical sense), it should maybe say “isn’t paired”.
  • I’m not using iOS at all. (I don’t understand why this—or any—message isn’t written to be aware of the OS on which the app is running.)
  • “Bluetooth” should be capitalized.

This has been present for a long time and is mostly a cosmetic fix that should be easy to correct and roll into a future app update.

V3 cameras won’t load in camera group

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Guess I will hold off on buying a hub till I hear they fixed the issue.

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Yeah, I would not recommend Wyze HMS for home security until/unless this is fully fixed. This issue has persisted for as long as I can remember and there doesn’t seem to be any urgency on their part to fix it. There was an update last year that made hub connectivity a lot better than it used to be, but there are obviously still issues. If I’m out of town on vacation and my hub decides to randomly disconnect, I have no way to ensure my house is actually monitored and protected until I get home (a week later?) and do a reset. I wonder if there is any legal liability on Wyze’s part for knowing about this bug, failing to address it, and continuing to promote and sell HMS subscriptions (and providing monitoring certificates for insurance!) if anyone’s home gets broken into while the hub is offline.

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I am glad I saw your post. Thanks.

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Wyze Battery Cam Pros will not Live Stream to Phones

There are reports of Battery Cam Pros not being able to livestream for some people, even from the same home network.

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Exact problem with 2 new V3,s. Existing V3 works fine. Changed sd cards. swapped sd’s from new to old, old never has the problem. All three are fiimware Everything else works great. It just shows no sd card on event playback on the 2 new V3’s.