Wyze Battery Cam Pros will not Live Stream to Phones

For at least the past 3 days, my Mom’s 2 Wyze Battery Cam Pro cameras will not live stream to her phone or mine almost all of the time. It may have been happening longer but we just didn’t notice.

I have gotten them to connect maybe 3 times out of 50. Both are recording events, but we are unable to live stream. The connection gets stuck at Step 2 of 3, and then we get an error “Failed to connect” code -20.

I’ve turned both on / off many times, restarted both many times, both are on the latest firmware update, we have rebooted her wifi and internet several times, and logged out / back into our apps many times. I do not have the option of pulling the battery packs out without paying for a handyman to come to the house as the cams are secured near the roof of the house.

Any help would be appreciated.

The only thing I can think of that might help is to logout of the Wyze app, and then from the android system side, clear the Wyze App cache, restart phone, then log back into the Wyze app.
If you are on an Iphone, I don’t know how to do that unfortunately.
The Android 14 method to clear Wyze App Cache:
Storage & Cache
Press the “Clear Cache” button
reboot phone
Login into Wyze app.

If that does not work, you need to call Wyze Customer support and get a ticket number, and they may ask you to provide a Log file for them to look at.

I am a customer, I do not work for Wyze, but I did recently purchase a Battery Cam Pro, and I had fits getting into live view after the “incident”.

Customer Support:
You can chat with an agent or create a support ticket on our help center. We are open for support between 6:00 am - 6:00 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.
Phone at: 206 339-9646 (US) or 581 500-1166 (Canada)


Same exact issue with 7 of my Outdoor Cam Battery Pro

I uninstalled the App and reset the cameras. Same issue no live stream but events are working

Same here. Just bought a whole package to switch from my older arlo system and highly regret it so far. Have not once been able to pull up live feed on any of my cameras. Error code -5 is all i get after 3 failed attemps.

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I am also getting errors trying to log into wyze battery cam pro.
Error -20, -5, and a few others that I don’t remember at the moment.

Cam firmware:
App firmware:

Cam is less than 6 months old, within 20 feet of wifi router, has over 70% charge, has a wyze sd card, it is away from other electronic devices, wifi by xfinity 150mbps.

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Mine are still streaming to my phone(s).

There is a known issue they’re working on where some people are having trouble streaming cameras when not connected to the same home network. I know some of you are still having problems on the same network though. In that case I would definitely recommend contacting support so that they can start logging that there is a more widespread issue.

I also posted about this issue in this next month’s Fix-it-Friday event here:

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When my Battery Cam Pro or V3 Pro get hung up on the “Step 1 of 3” screen,
I press the Android bottom middle button (HOME), then the bottom right button (OVERVIEW), then click on the Wyze app again. This sometimes helps force it to connect into single live view.
If that does not work I clear the Wyze App Cache. Just now it was almost 800mb.

On iPhone had issue with live streaming on or away from home network and would error a lot. The reset button you guys addded has help so wondering if something on Wyze backend causing issue. And also spotlight if move slider for brightest will keep spot light on full brightness regardless of 1 or max. And only way turn it off is to toggle dusk and dawn toggle which believe was on or off button before they changed it.

Also this error on Wyze Battery Cam Pro:
Some sort of -2 .

what i do is go to camera settings (even with error settings webpage still works) then press restart.
that way i do not have to pull battery to power cycle camera

other option is to kick off camera from wifi using router admin webpage.
camera will reconnect and go thru some initial startup code that fixes error