Playback button greyed out

I’d like to see an update, as well. There was quite a bit of discussion among users—doing their own troubleshooting—in April’s Fix-It Friday topic, but I haven’t yet seen any messaging that suggests a resolution from Wyze.

That’s the conclusion others seem to have drawn, as well.

I use my cameras without subscriptions but with microSD cards installed, and I’m experiencing this issue on one of my Cam Pan v3s (the one with the newer activation); another Cam Pan v3 demonstrates a different glitch.[1][2]

That’s an interesting question, and it makes me wonder if that timing coincides with some kind of potential before-or-after issue with activation dates. I’m unconvinced that the issue is related to Cam Plus Lite availability, because my Cam Pan v3s aren’t compatible with that plan, yet one of my cameras seems to be affected in the same way that the regular Cam v3s are…. :thinking:

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