Playback button greyed out

I had one of my V3’s die and I replaced it with a new V3 and the playback button from notifications is greyed out. I thought it was the camera so I sent it back and got a replacement and it’s the same problem. My other V3 that I already had does not have this issue. All my cams are on the latest firmware. Anyone else have this happen?


Same on one of my Wyze Cam v3

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I have the same problem. I just bought four new V3 cameras and they all have the greyed out playback button. My older V3 cameras do not have the problem.

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Im unsure which “playback” button that yall are referring to. Can one of you post a screenshot?

Playback requires a SD card – is one installed?

Well I said it works fine on my other cams it’s just the new one I just bought so yes I know it requires an SD card

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Does your SD card playback work?

Yes it plays back, it’s been formatted, I put it in my other V3 and the playback button works just fine. It has to be something with these newer cams since others are having the same issue

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My friend had the same issue. I told him to return the defective cam and order two to double his chances. He was lucky on the second order.

Must be a bad batch or failure in Quality Control.

Did he purchase from Amazon or direct from wyze?

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Here is more info:
I have eleven Wyze cameras.

V2, two installed 12/2019
V3, three installed 3/21, 5/21, 5/22
Pan V3, installed 2/23
OG Tele, installed 2/23
V3, four installed 1/24, 1/24, 1/24, 3/24

The only ones that have a greyed out “Playback” button when viewing events are the most recently installed V3 cameras.
It is possbile to “View Playback” after selecting live view so I know the SD cards are working.
The above behaviors are from the Android app.

The iPad iOS app has slightly different behavior.
Instead of having a greyed out “Playback” button when viewing events, the “Playback” button causes a pop-up error that says “microSD card Not Found”.
But from live view, “View Playback” works. So there is a working SD card.

Both Android and iOS apps with not allow “Playback” directly when viewing an event on the four recently install V3 cameras even though the SD card is working properly.

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I am experiencing this issue with one v3 camera. This camera was purchased about 15 months ago and just now being Setup and put in service.

Log ID number is. 1346616

Posting the Log ID here with the hope that a Wyze Team Member will see it.

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I’m beginning to think this is the wyze way of getting people to pay for a subscription. Today this issue started with another of my cams, the pan V3.

Just to update anyone watching this thread, I saw this on the “Fix It Friday March thread”.

Reddit - microSD playback button is grayed out on Event Viewer :floppy_disk:

We have located the root cause and are hoping to have the fix in the next app release.”

I always make it a practice to at least check the device before warranty runs out. I realize this is a moot point now. Maybe someone will learn by example.

This seems like it is becoming a bad trend. Maybe a bad batch?

Very true. I should have set it up when purchased and then left it on my shelf. I will report back if the next App release fixes the issue or not.

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This is a bug we know about and are looking into. It is listed on Fix-It Friday. If you could help me out and send in a log and post the log number here along with the model of the camera so I can get the info to the engineers that would help a ton.