Fix-It Friday - April 2024

@khsfdhkjfsd, welcome to the Forum! If you read a few posts down in the topic where you quoted me, I wrote this:

Keep your :eyes: out for a new topic from @WyzeJasonJ later this week to help Wyze prioritize May’s issues. Once that’s on the board, please post your own experience and/or give a :heart: vote to posts on that topic that describe your issue(s).

@JDefense & @StevenA, I understand what you’re both saying, and I appreciate your troubleshooting efforts! Thank you for testing and posting your results here. Going back to @StevenA’s earlier hypothesis about the timing issue, I was just looking at the Activation Dates for my two Cam Pan v3s (:gear: Settings > Device Info > Activation Date), and I see this:

  • 01/29/2024 :point_left: gives the “Unable to View Playback” error.
  • 03/05/2023 :point_left: gives the transient message “Failed to load from local storage.”

That makes me wonder if there really might be some substance to the idea that when a camera was first set up might have something to do with the nature of the problem. Of course, as @JDefense says, it could also be a hardware (time of manufacture) issue. :man_shrugging:

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