Typo in pop up for Doorbell Pro

I think so. Good catch! I love when people find stuff like that, because it seems like it should be an easy fix to make the app look more professional. It reminds me of this topic:

I’m still not sure what the best way is to kick these up to the appropriate app developer(s) from the user forum, though I’ve occasionally seen Moderators say they’d do this. I’ve reported similar things to recent fix-it-friday topics, but I haven’t yet seen any action on them.

(I repeated that one in this month’s fix-it-friday.)

If a Moderator doesn’t comment in the next few days or so, then we could just tag 'em, but I hate to bug 'em too much 'cause I’m not sure how best to report these types of issues. I think I’ll ask in the Forum Operations Feedback Thread if they’d consider adding a #typo tag for these sorts of things. :man_shrugging:

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