Please correct the Doorbell Pro's Wifi

Not only does the doorbell pro’s chime broadcast its SSID AND use WPA2-Personal, its outright blasting its p2p connection to the doorbell when plugged in 3 feet from the door where the doorbell resides. To make matters worse, its doing this while interfering with my home network on the exact same channel. I’ve tried repositioning it, unplugging, resetting, etc. but this is the continued behavior which leads to make me believe it was, for some reason, designed this way. I will likely be using Kali to test for vulnerabilities next, like KRACK. I noticed this being mentioned by others in the past so I think at this point it should really be pushed up on the priority list for Wyze to correct, especially after the entire September fiasco this year and the 2022 Bitdefender report. Wyze needs to take issues like this more seriously.

I have often asked for this to be fixed. I reported it here in a Fix-it-Friday event back in Summer 2022:

But not very many users agreed (voted) that it should be considered a priority high-impact issue compared to others.

I suspect that this is partially because a lot of people don’t notice, and for those who do, many don’t see that it would make much difference. Technically, Wyze could “hide” the SSID name broadcast like I’ve been asking them to do, but the reality is that this doesn’t actually make it more secure, it just makes everything LOOK a little more clean. It is best practice because it is not an SSID we will ever need to select to connect to manually, so it shouldn’t be showing up that way. However, even if they do hide it like we’ve been asking, it won’t change the fact that it is still broadcasting WiFi that can add to signal interference (just like every other single WiFi device does. That issue will remain.

Please do. Keep in mind that if you learn anything and report it to their Bug Bounty program, they will actually PAY you for whatever you discover. Bug Bounty: Wyze Bug Bounty - Bugcrowd On the other hand, you could share what you find here instead, but you won’t get any financial compensation for it. :man_shrugging: Though I would enjoy reading any findings.

We could try submitting it to Fix-It-Friday again like I tried before, though I suspect that like the last time I tried, we wouldn’t get a lot of the community to agree that it’s a high-impact priority.

As for the channel number, I am not sure they can change that. Since the Chime is connecting to the Router, it has to be using the same channel as the router. If they changed the channel, then it would stop having any internet connectivity and stop functioning. :frowning: