Fix-It-Friday 6/3/2022

Wyze Chime Pro is publicly broadcasting the SSID “wzap########” instead of being hidden like other devices do.

This is a minor one that shouldn’t win for a Fix-It-Friday report (lots of the above are way higher priority), and it might even be considered a feature request instead of a bug. I still felt it was worth reporting for Wyze to take back to the team as a report for something that was brought up.

The reason I think it could be considered a bug is that every other Wyze device that acts as a hub, bridge, or some other connection to another device, hides the SSID, therefore logical deduction implies that Wyze’s intent is to hide the SSID, and that this one broadcasting it publicly is an oversight (not intentional), or all the others (for example, the WCO hub, or Chime V1) would publicly broadcast their SSIDs too, but they don’t.

General practice is to only broadcast an SSID if you need easy discovery for adding basically any device. The Chime Pro has no valid reason to broadcast the SSID since we never manually select it for anything, therefore professional best practice should be to make it hidden and not broadcast.

I’m sure it’s just an oversight.