Anybody know what Wyze device would broadcast this SSID?

Somewhere I have a Wyze device that is broadcasting a SSID with the following nomenclature: wzap44827847. I can’t figure out for the life of me what wyze device it is and they all seem to use a different naming scheme s I can’t even pin it to a certain group. Only reason I know for sure it is wise is because the wifi sniffer has the device registered to Wyze but I’ve been through everything connected to my app right now and nothing matches.

I would really like to get it to stop… It is locked too which I find weird because the SSIDs that get used for the older devices during setup wouldnt be locked. I tried my wyze account login which didn’t work.

I’m at a loss so if anybody has any helpful insight I would gladly listen.

It is the Chime Pro. It broadcasts an SSID starting with wzap for the Video Doorbell Pro to connect to. You can verify this by unplugging your Chime for the VDBPro and the wzap SSID will disappear. Plug it back in and it will reappear.

There is not currently a setting you can select to hide the SSID of the Chime Pro, but at least now you know what device it is for.


omg @carverofchoice thank you. Spot on. I don’t recall ever seeing it before though. So it has always been there since I installed the Pro? weird. I changed my password this last week for my wifi ssid so had to go around to every device and def noticed it this time.


I am not confident if it has always been broadcast visibly or not. I know it has been there for a few months as I noticed it a while back, but I did not pay attention to whether it was there from the day I activated it. Honestly, it should be hidden, and Wyze has configured most of their other devices to hide the SSID broadcast, so I am thinking this is an accident/oversight and I am not 100% sure that Wyze knows it is being broadcast for this device, since none of the others do it.

I will tag @WyzeJasonJ about this just to make sure he knows and can make sure the right people at least KNOW it is happening in case it is an oversight. It may be known and intentional, so I am not promising it will change or even that we’ll get a response, but it does make sense to at least make sure someone at Wyze is aware of the public SSID broadcast.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter much whether an SSID is broadcast or “hidden” as they’ve proven that it’s a superficial difference in security that is negligible if not basically nothing, at this point it is just more organized and less confusing for people when it is “hidden.”

I wasn’t worried about the security. It’s locked just as good as any router. It’s the interference I don’t want. All though minimal it’s showing up pretty strong in my wifi analyzer and with so many 2.4ghz devices fighting for signal every little bit helps. If it’s just for setup then it should be shut down once set up. And heck screw the interference what about the little bit of power running the lil radio non stop