Wyze Watch 47

iOS only issue. When entering the settings area of the App for the Wyze Watch 47, the setting for Wearing Wrist is incorrectly spelled, It says “Wearing Wirst”. See image below

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Maybe it’s German?

I kid. God I love weeding out in-app typos.


LOL – Yea.

Welcome to the Forum, by the way.

Do you have the watch?

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Question for others with Watch:

I use Android and iPhone (for testing), I am noticing that my GMail notifications only shows the to and from, but no message or subject. is this intended?

The Android ver. is spelled correctly.

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Correct. Android shows it correctly.

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So everything watch related is in one thread.
(Android Google Pixel 5, v2.18.32, Watch 0.12.36

  • There’s a typo on the watch itself. when you connect it to a device it reads ‘Successed’

  • Heart Rate and O2 don’t automatically test. I have heart rate set at 5 minutes (O2 has no menu setting) but the only results I have from the last two days are the two times I manually hit the button. (support log 159327)

  • Message notifications are showing incorrect data. instead of showing message title/contents, it’s showing who sent it and leaving a bunch of blank space. (I assume just an incorrect variable in the notification code) (support log 159331 - there’s an image comparison with the band that demonstrates this here Wyze Watch V2 - #25 by joedel263 )

  • The app is freezing and resetting (sometimes force closing, sometimes directing back to home screen (device selection) when I hit watch settings or watch data. have not been able to pinpoint exactly what’s causing it, because it doesn’t happen always. (support ticket 159334)


I do! Just got it today.

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the “Successed” message was corrected at one point and should be handled with an update. ( im not sure what the public release number is/ will be for the correction)

the heart rate and O2…this is kind of a silly one so I’ll do my best.

if you connect to the phone and look at the graph you will more than likely see that the heart rate IS working on the schedule and is measuring. in looking at the watch with the face that shows steps/02/ and heart rate it does not keep the heart rate last measurement on that face for more than a few minutes( much to users dismay). so it appears from the watch itself that it is not measuring, until you look at the graph on the app.

this was something I’m told was confusing during testing but I dont know if they have plans to just keep the last heartrate measurement on that watch face constantly or not.

as for the o2 measurement. I;m told this is a battery conservation technique number 1 and secondly because you need to be still for the o2 measurement to be taken, if you were to have it set on intervals and were in fact doing something, you would not only be wasting battery, but also more likely than not, not getting measurements either. so that one makes a bit more sense.

hopefully that provides some small insight for what it’s worth

I greatly appreciate it.

The O2 makes sense, as does what youre saying about the heart rate, but heres a screenshot of the app for yesterday. It only recorded when I manually hit it. Im presently wearing a wyze band and a wyze watch (testing? Laziness? Not sure…) the band has the full day heartrate recorded in the app (so Im still alive :slight_smile: ) I just rebooted the watch to see if that changes anything.


and you said you do have the setting on the watch set up for the interval measurement right?

and I forgot to ask, was this on the 47 or the 44?


Doesnt seem like I can pick anything other than 5 minutes on the watch (I have it set to 10 on the band) but it is on. Just not doing its thing.

I would send a log in one that one.

Ive not seen or heard about that being a widespread issue ( yet)

after doing that setting, did you sync it to the phone? not terribly sure that would change anything but if nothing else it would put the setting into the app as well.

No Wyze watch backer sticker included. :frowning:

Following issues so far:

  • watch faces available are … pretty bad, please add more.
  • automatic weather setting picks Seattle for some reason. Have to manually add my city.
  • temperature in the weather app is wrong, way off the current temperature.
  • should add standing hours functionality to ensure apple iPhone users continue to complete their circles on apple health.
  • Bluetooth connection is quite unreliable. Not getting many notifications even when allowing Wyze app to run in background.
  • exercise tracking stopped by itself half way through my morning walk. I noticed 8 minutes after. Does it have a motion sensor that auto stops the tracking? I was wearing a light cotton jacket , don’t think that would have been sensed as a touch on the screen by mistake

I sent logs for the weather related issues.

I want my backer sticker!


Log # in original message.

Not sure if I synced it after changing the setting but have synced it many times between then and now.

I also rebooted watch last night.

@pedrotek if it means anything, I didnt get a sticker either

Heart monitor started working as it should around 3pm this afternoon. Not sure what or if I did anything to trigger it (as if anything all id have done on the watch was clear a notification), but its been doing its thing every five minutes since.

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Add watch face customization, the included watch faces are quite hideous. The ones that aren’t hideous don’t all you to add information you want to see (weather forecast, heartrate, steps) only the hideous faces allow it.


Can anyone show us what some of the notifications (text, email, facebook, whatever) look like?

Maybe a typo, but on watch face selection in the app, there are several watch face designs that contain the word “numberals”. Numbers? Numerals? Numberals is a common mispelling I see when working with factories in Shenzhen (I’m a product manager).


Here are a few:

Regular Notification from Wyze

Incoming Call

EMail - Bug with this. It only provides the From and To address. I am sure they are working in this.