Wyze Watch 47 not auto-monitoring

I got my Watch 47 today and have been wearing it at least a couple of hours now. It’s supposed to auto-monitor your heart rate every 5 minutes like my Wyze Band does. However, so far the only heart rate measurement is from the time I manually checked it.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Same here. No automatic heart rate monitoring.

Update: I just found out that you have to enable this in settings. I just enabled it and will see if it works properly.

Update 2: Auto-monitoring appears to be working fine after I enabled it in settings.

Hi, where exactly in the settings did you enable auto-monitoring? I’ve been through them a few times and I’m not finding the option to enable it currently. Thanks!

Thanks @hirschaj. I finally stumbled across the settings the other day. It’s working for me, also.

@jpulch, slide your finger to the left to access the apps. Then slide up to find additional apps and the Settings. You’ll find the option to enable monitoring in the settings.

Yeah mine is not showing heart rate at all either. They also spelled “wearing wirst” instead of “…wrist.” I’m surprised this hasn’t been fixed. Embarrassing.

In case you have not found it yet, the setting is in the watch settings, not the setting in the Wyze app.