How to activate the continuous heart rate and O2 level monitoring?

Just got my Wyże Watch 47; it was super easy to set up, but can’t find a way to turn on the two subject functions in a continuous recording mode…

From the watch but only heart, not o2. It also warns you that it will run your battery down. Checks every 5 minutes.

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Go to the watch, swipe left from the main screen, swipe up to see settings icon, tap on the icon (Grey Gear), then select Heart Rate and turn on Continuous monitor.

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Thanks, found the info online… I was mistaken thinking that oxygen monitoring can be done continuously, too, but obviously the LEDs would drain the battery quickly…

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It was advertised as continuous oxygen monitoring. From the ordering page:
“Your Blood Oxygen Level Right on Your Wrist
A drop in blood oxygen saturation is one of the earliest signs of serious health risks. A crystal glass casing and a pair of infrared LED clusters keep it measured 24/7 on your wrist”


Yes, that is what I saw, but it’s not what we got. Sometimes you have to be realistic about how many functions those poor little batteries can support… I think the biggest current drain is created by the two different-wavelength LEDs used in the pO2 measurement. The LEDs measuring the pulse rate also seem to be pretty bright, and thus drawing a decent current.

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It’s not about “being realistic”. It is all about misleading advertisement. I didn’t expect to get a tricorder that diagnoses early-onset cancer, but if a device says “keep it measured 24/7” then I fully expect it to at least attempt to do what it says. Of course the battery can’t last literally 24/7 with up-to-the-second monitoring, but the watch provides continuous heartbeat every 5 seconds and continuous activity tracking. In fact, the ONLY place that the current Wyze Watch product page even says “measured” or “24/7” or implies any type of continuous monitoring is for Blood O2 level.

Even a setting like “every 15 minutes” or “every 30 minutes” would suffice, perhaps with an automatic setting stop monitoring if battery drops below 25% (or some other arbitrarily low value). Maybe have it allow repeated measurements for up to 6 hours and then turn off. That would still not be “24/7” measurement, but at least something toward that currently-false description.


‘Keep it measured’ can also mean that you can keep hitting the icon every few minutes and get the measurement performed, until the battery dies. But I also know that a lot of people would complain if the watch died in the middle of the night doing those non-medical quality SpO2 measurements… Just can’t do it often enough, yet.

Dear Wyze,

Keyboarder has written down the product requirements/specs down for you:

“Even a setting like “every 15 minutes” or “every 30 minutes” would suffice, perhaps with an automatic setting stop monitoring if battery drops below 25% (or some other arbitrarily low value).”

Just implement it please!!


Dear WYZE… I agree with keyboarder. I purchased the watch, as advertised, specifically for 24/7 monitoring of o2, specifically while sleeping. Other than that, the watch is great for the price point!

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I purchased 2 watches thinking that the frequent blood oxygen monitoring wound drain battery. I know found out the watch needs me to open the app and press sync. I already had a finger blood oxygen sensor that would do that. I will return them and wait for future versions to improve.

@joea102 If I understand correctly, you mean that you were okay with battery drain as long as it performed some type of automatic blood oxygen monitoring?

That is correct, I purchased a secondary watch anticipating frequent monitoring would drain the battery at a faster rate.

I understand but a fitbit can do it constantly and has better battery life than the Wyze Watch. Every 5 minutes is not acceptable from a fitness tracking device.

Where can you actually view the continuous heart rate information? I can’t find it in the android app. It’s not on the “Data” view (swipe left). It’s not in Google Fit.

@ry4nolson On your watch, scroll up in the “apps” page (9 icons) until you see the 10th icon for “Settings”. “Heart Rate” Continuous Monitor checkbox (5 minutes) is there.

That wasn’t what I was asking but I actually found it. Turns out it is on the data section of the wyze ait.

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Same here I bought this watch because of the 24/7 Oxygen monitoring especially during sleep. Bait and switch?


As I have already mentioned, I believe the battery could support 10-20 SpO2 measurement without an excessive battery drain. This belief of mine can be easily tested by anybody by sitting in your preferred La-Z-Boy and watching the battery state of charge (the right upper corner in the Wyze Watch 47 app) after 10 or 20 consecutive SpO2 measurements.

Since this function seems to be requested by at least several posters here, and I don’t know how many more timid users, we should submit a feature request to Wyze Labs for a limited number (I’m not sure how many, but 10-20 are easily doable) SpO2 measurements every, let’s say 15, 30 or 60 minutes.