Always on WyzeWatch (continuous) heart rate monitoring option

Hello Wyze and members,
I searched and wasn’t able to find something as clearly stated as this for what I am looking for in the watch.
I understand that keeping the heart rate sensing to always on would cause the battery life to shorten but this is something I am okay with.
If I had the option to set the heart rate to always on it would be very beneficial to me.

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Is this what you are referring to?

While that was a setting I wasn’t aware of (Thank you for that) this will only give me 5 minutes of data after manually checking my heart rate. I would like continuous (always on) heart rate monitoring similar to what a fitbit performs. I think it would be great if we had the option to allow for that even though it will hurt the battery life. Thanks again for your response!

This will actually take an automatic reading every 5 minutes. Still not continuous but gives many data points

Perfect! That’s close enough I guess. Thanks!

I’d like to see this real time like Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa. When I am exercising I need real time feedback so I know what heart rate zone I’m in.


Yes pleas add the option for continuos heart rate monitoring every 2-3 secs. or at leas every 5-10 secs or give the option to the customer to select the interval.

Add a mic for the second v2 of the watch. The capacity to answer whatsapp with voice notes its very usefull.

Please enable actual continuous heart rate (24/7 monitoring) similar to what the running mode does. This would also help with better sleep tracking. 5

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It is important that we get alerted when our heartbeats per minute is at dangerous level.

Certain age has certain maximum suggested heartbeat limit.

Can Wyze allow/add a feature for heartbeat alert?
It is for our own health.

Some patients are exercising but doctors ask them to limit their heartbeat rate to certain levels. Can we set an alert in the watch whenever the watch senses the beats per minute touches or crosses the threshold set by the user, to send a vibrate and app alert immediately?

This would need continuous heartbeat monitor for it to be truly helpful.


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it has been a couple of years … any progress on continuous heart rate ve every 5 minutes. This is important for exercising …