Wyze Watch Continuous Heart Rate

Hey community,

I just received my Wyze Watch and am playing around with it. Seems like great value! Some questions below:

  1. I have continuous heart rate monitoring on, but I don’t see a lot of my heart rate anywhere. How does this work? Where can I see a log of my heart rate?
  2. as I understand, there is NO media control capabilities, correct?
  3. can I connect the watch to an external device (like a Peloton bike) to share heart rate info?
  4. how do I connect to Apple Health? The product page says it can integrate with Android and Apple Health
  5. Where do I go to monitor sleep and get insights?

Regarding #5 → I found that you can go to the “Mine” section in the Wyze app (when in the Wyze Watch section) and then under “Authorize 3rd Party App” you can authorize Wyze to read/write to Apple healthkit

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Regarding 1 and 5, your heart rate should be logged in the app. Go to your watch, then in the bottom button bar, you should see “Data” click on that, then Heart Rate. The sleep insights are under Data, as well.
2. No media control capabilities.

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Thanks! No idea how I missed the “Data” button at the bottom in the app. Wyze should add this to the quick start guide!

Useful info. Question: why is this data not on the watch “data” screen as well? Also, I authorized google fit for heart rate data but no info is showing up in the fit app.

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Anyone have problems with zero heart rate being reported to Apple Health along with real data? It’s messing up my stats.