Wyze Watch 44 heart rate data doesn't match google fit

Hi everyone, I got my Wyze 44 finally, yay! I have continuous heartrate monitoring enabled, since that was one of the primary features I bought the watch for.

With Google Fit sync enabled, I’m seeing the heartrate data transfer over, but the values do not match at all. The overall graph throughout the day looks quite similar between Google Fit and WyzeApp, you can tell they’re cut from the same cloth, but the min/max do not seem to be captured in Google Fit.

For example, WyzeApp would tell me the Low for hour 18:00-19:00 is 47bpm, then on Google Fit, the same timeframe would read min 55 or some other value.

Is Wyze not reporting all the data? Or is it reporting data to Google Fit too infrequently? Is it possible to achieve the same resolution in Google Fit as in the WyzeApp?

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I think it is taking an average of the readings and reporting it to google OR Google is doing the averaging on their end

I don’t think the averaging is happening on the Google side, since their graph displays the same type information as the Wyze graph. The only difference is that the Google graph is in 1/2hr intervals, but still has MIN/MAX info listed for that interval.

I also suspect that they’re not sending all the data completely, because some of the 1/2hr intervals do not have a MIN/MAX, but is simply 1 number. That means that out of the 6 readings the Wyze Watch took in that 1/2hr, only one reading was sent to Google.