Wyze Watch and Google Fit

Just received my Wyze watch last week and so far, I like it. The only issue that I have it connecting with Google Fit. I have done the “Authorization”, but the Watch info is not syncing to Fit. The account for Google Fit and the Wyze app are different accounts. Would this be the issue?

Any help would be appreciated.



Just bumping for visibility.


I have gone back to wearing my Fitbit because I cannot get the Wyze watch to sync data to Google Fit. I really hope that Wyze is addressing this issue and can provide some resolution soon.

I noticed the other day in my settings that I needed to re-authorize Wyze to connect with my Gmail account. I did it and it sleep and heart rate. But it appears to take some time to get it to Google Fit.

Just got this WYZE WATCH (47), too, but, having the SAME PROBLEM.
In fact, it also synced “Run” activity as “Sleep” activity in Google Fit (so turned OFF sleep function, hoping it would not happen again).

Can “Run” activity be used without taking the phone with me on the “Run.” Did not have watch attached to phone during “Run” - but, reconnected to bluetooth (AFTER the “Run”) in order to SYNC, but the activity did not show up in Google Fit. So, I had to manually enter the info into Google Fit, which completely defeats the purpose of having the Watch. I would like to go out for a run with-OUT taking the phone. But, upon returning, I want to be able to SYNC the info into Google Fit.
Very frustrating.

PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS. The ability to sync exercise activity is my only reason for having WYZE WATCH.


With the recent update, the watch is now reliably syncing with Google Fit. I am now wearing this watch instead of the Fitbit.

Not for me. Some days there is no data being transferred to Google Fit, other days only some is.