Giving up on my Wyze Watch 47

Well, as much as I like my Wyze Watch 47, I’m giving up. I ordered 2 of them for my wife and I in Dec 2020 and while they are great watches, they aren’t good fitness bands. I’ve had multiple issues getting them to sync with Google Fit and no matter what, the step counts rarely match at the end of the day. Usually Google Fit is lower, sometimes higher, but almost always off.

Additionally, the fitness features haven’t improved since its release
No data persistence - you have to sync every time you want to review step or other data, even if viewing historical data,
No ability to manually add/edit activity.
No ability to export data to Excel or Google Sheets for long term tracking/data mining.

Unfortunately, until Wyze puts more emphasis on perfecting the base functionality and enhancing the capabilities of the watch it just isn’t going to work for me