Wyze Scale to Google Fit Integration Stopped 3/10/2021

Wyze - Did Anything happen or change @ Wize between 3/9/2021 (sync) and 3/10/2021 (did not sync)? Within the Wyze app I noticed that Google Fit was no longer Authorized - So I set this to Authorized.

I still have all my Wyze data in Google Fit from late Dec 2020 - 3/9/2021 but no new data since then. The data is there in Wyze and can be seen in the app or shows when exported to XLSX.

Submitted logs and screenshots - ticket number 155632

This sucks…

I can confirm I’m having this issue as well. You’re right. I just checked my Google Fit, and the Wyze Scale stopped syncing to Google fit since 2/5/21 for me (2/5/21 was the last day it sync’d, and I weigh myself daily, so I have measurements for every day for the last 10+ months until this issue). No idea why. Did you submit a support ticket?

I just submitted Ticket 155888 about this in case anyone needs to reference it for their own tickets as support that this isn’t an isolated incident.

EDIT/UPDATE: Incidentally, when I went into App settings in the scale, I saw Google Fit Sync was no longer authorized (I didn’t disable any authorizations myself though), so I just told it to authorize Google Fit again, and it appears to be fixed now. Not sure if it’s Wyze’s or Google’s fault for removing the permission, but just go back and click authorize again, seems to have resolved it for me. Just sucks it won’t backdate and fill in all the missed logs with a real sync (I just added them manually).

Just checked, and both my scale and band had been “unauthorized”. Not sure when (haven’t checked Google fit to see when syncing stopped yet). I re-authorized both in the wyze app with no problem, now I’ll watch closer to see if it really is syncing.

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