WYZE Band & Scale - SYNC, Feature and Options

I am enjoying my $25 WYZE band (and looking forward to the watch) and scale. I mention the price as I am not expecting the WYZE solution to be the best thing on the market. My expectations are tempered by the price and my requirements are simply that it works as advertised (if I can totally figure that out :wink:).

Through trial and error I have figured out some of the nuances of what syncs with Google Fit and how to better utilize the information collected to help track and benefit from that information.

Some of the big items are:

  • You have to manually sync daily (the sync is not automated).
  • If you do not sync with the WYZE app, that days data will not transfer to Google Fit.

What I am looking for is official WYZE guidance on the following. If anyone has definitive answers or can point me to documentation I would greatly appreciate it.


  • Is there a full manual on the WYZE Band and Scale available (am unable to locate one)? I am looking for something the provides more specifics.
  • What officially syncs from the scale and band to Google Fit?
  • What does not sync from the scale and band to Google Fit (i.e. I do not think Google Fit tracks Body Fat - so that would not transfer)?
  • What is the process to make sure the information from the band and scale syncs to Google Fit?
  • Under Workout (on band): Indoor Run (I assume this means treadmill). Should we also assume that outdoor running would not be correctly tracked and reported due to the name?

If you are reading this post, what am I missing? Are there any secrets you have found to better utilize the health information collected by the band? I am open to any suggestions no matter how small or insignificant.

If you are new to the band or Google Fit you may find these links helpful:
Track your fitness activity:

Google Fit Guide

Thanks in advance.

Hey @jjdub1313,

Have you checked the help center docs? They don’t go into great detail about Google/Alexa integration, but does provide decent info about it’s features.

Also some info in this Reddit post. I know these aren’t official Wyze guidance, but may help to answer some of your questions.


The information provided is greatly appreciated. I must admit, I totally missed the help center docs (not sure how as I thought I have been all over the support site).

Thanks again, I appreciate your time in replying.

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