Cannot find option to link Google Fit to Wyze Scale

Just got my Wyze scale and have it all setup, the scale itself works great. However, I’m trying to link it to my Google Fit account and I can’t. I’m following the support docs, in the app, select Wyze Scale, then click the gear icon to get into settings. Then tap on Authorize Third Party Apps… but this is nowhere to be found in the scale settings. I’ve checked to make sure I’ve got the most recent app, and it was just updated 13 hours ago.

EDIT: This was on my primary phone, an Android. I checked on my iPhone and the option is there, but it will only let me link to Apple Health.


Suggest you open a support ticket.

Just chatted with tech support and was told that there have been delays with the certification and the feature isn’t available yet but they are working on it.


Hello @mabeatty1978

There was a last-minute delay in the Google Fit approval process. Google Fit integration is currently not available. I understand your frustration and disappointment as Wyze announced Google Fit would be available during launch. The process shouldn’t take too long.

Thank you for your patience.


So.,.,…what is Wyze doing about all the backers and pre orders and early adopters who bought the product with the intention of using it with Google Fit? Will there be some sort of compensation? Normally i wouldn’t mind, but I bought the product when it was pre-order specifically for the Google Fit integration. I could have purchased another product that DOES actually work and didnt launch a product before their approval with Google Fit went through.

I am extremely disappointed in Wyze and the decisions they made that brought us here, but it is hard for me to read WyzeJonathan’s post and not hear “Hey, we lied to you and committed false advertising to get you to buy our new product…we will fix it, eventually, hopefully…sucks to be you”


All good!
Happy wait a little longer for this integration with such a great price on the products themselves.

Is it safe to say we will not be able to integrate the Fitness Band until this licensing is completed? Do we have any ballpark estimates on how long this process will take?

the4ndy: Sounds like you’re pretty upset, are you well versed in software development and 3rd party integration licensing and how challenging it can, or are you just trolling for some freebies? :rofl:


@VegasBuck I’m certainly not trolling, but I am not opposed to freebies. That said, while I have never done software development on this scale (I can imagine it is challenging to say the least), the point is still that they should NOT have advertised the feature if it was not ready for launch, plain and simple.

Yes, I am fairly upset, not just over this one feature, but over the way it is handled. This one post from WyzeJonathan who is likely going to be reprimanded for admitting that basically Wyze committed false advertising, is the only instance of this issue anywhere. If you reach out to support, beyond their typical poor customer service (disconnecting the chat many times, asking for things you already told them, etc), they have no idea that there is an issue and often just disconnect you and close chat support for the product, or blame you the user in some way (android version is wrong, other apps affecting, incompatible phone, etc).

All that said, my suggestions for improvement are simple. Transparency. Post on twitter, on any of the many support pages for the Scale and Google Fit setup, educate your support staff, get the message out that there is an issue. Even before that, they should never have said “it works with Google Fit”, something more honest would be “We are in the process of getting approval on our working Google Fit integration, it will hopefully be available at launch”. Finally, I am certain that there are plenty of ways that Wyze can make amends to their early adopters, be it an apology and maybe a first chance at pre-order of a future product, maybe some small % off, maybe store credit, maybe some cool stickers, maybe old back stock of products they already at least broke even on. I dont know cause i dont work there, but it just seems like in my opinion, we the early adopter customers are some of the most valuable. We literally give them money for products that aren’t out yet, the least they can do is not lie to us about what we will eventually be getting.

Anyway, im done ranting, hopefully ill be able to connect my scale to Google Fit soon.


This really isn’t something that is the fault of Wyze, Google has paired down its operation due to the Coronavirus and that’s what has delayed the Google Fit integration. I had this happen on another app recently. There is a backlog on the certification process. It is really hard for Wyze to be transparent on what a third party is doing. It will happen its not false advertising its just something outside of their control.



I’m kind of unsure what is being missed here., Wyze should NOT have promised something that was NOT done. Get the approval BEFORE saying that Google Fit and the Wyze Scale work together. What if Wyze sold their cameras and said they were 4k cameras…then after everyone bought one, they said, “well…the 4k camera features are ‘delayed’ we will get it soon, hopefully”… would that make this more obvious?

Plain and simple, don’t advertise something as having a feature that it does not have yet. Say “We are working on Google Fit integration for the future” not "It works with Google Fit out of the box / on launch.

I understand Google is limited, I understand EVERYONE is limited in this time…but it doesn’t mean you can just lie to customers about products to get money from customers (some of their best customers in my opinion)

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Hey guys, got my scale yesterday!
Last night I got the Wyze beta app, but I could not integrate with Google Fit.
Now this morning, I can!
It did not pass along any past info (my measurements from yesterday), but it seems like once I take measurements now they go straight into google fit! :slight_smile:


Hi… OP here… that is exactly NOT what happened. I contacted support via chat, they checked on a few things and then was told exactly what it says in my “Edit” of the OP.

Sorry you’re mad though, maybe its the quarnteen?

I also was able to get into Google Fit today. Very nice (only lost a few days of measurements).

Im genuinely happy you had a great experience, I own all of Wyze’s products (some I own many of) and I love the company’s base concept of basically taking cheap Chinese products and giving them decent firmware, good app/UI, and making them affordable. Its brilliant, i no longer spend days scouring alibaba and nights tinkering with cheap hardware and Chinese instructions. That said, I am not a fan of laziness, which is what this 100% seems like. Someone decided “if we advertise this, we will make X more dollars” and when they were told “But its not quite ready, we cant promise it by launch”, they were greedy and did not do the right thing. Furthermore, once they realized their mistake, they didn’t make the information available to the public, or even to all of their support staff. That combined with general poor practices from their support (generally a sign of under appreciated support staff that really wishes they were doing anything else) has created, in my mind, a shit show out of what should’ve been an “aw shucks, ill have to wait” situation.

But thats just my thoughts. Sadly, I have a strong feeling they will ignore all of this like it never happened, but hopefully they dont make the same mistake again in the future.


As an “early adopter” and the fact that this has just been released… You really have to expect a few bumps in the road. They’re getting that together …the Google Fit part, as stated earlier. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been doing the “early adopter” thing for years with multiple companies and have learned that things generally are not perfect at first, especially at first, and some patience and constructive feedback helps with issues that can & do arise. In this instance though, it’s one of those internal things and they’ll get it ironed out. Please try to understand what it means when you make any sort of “early adopter” or beta-testing or anything of the sort from any company. I hope that helps ease your concerns about why everything might not be ready & working right out of the gate on this.


I agree with the4ndy because the Scale was supposed to have day one support of Google Fit. From theverge,com “Perhaps the most appealing feature of the scale is that it supports integration with Apple Health and Google Fit on launch day. Wyze says that it’s working to bring Fitbit and Samsung Health compatibility to the scale soon.”
There is a difference between selling something with Day One support and selling somewhere where it is in late Beta and support will be added soon. If the story was that support would be “coming soon”, I’d likely just waited and bought from Amazon.

Did you get some sort of update to get Google Fit connected or something cuz it still doesn’t show for me on the Wyze app.

I used the Join Beta link in the play store to upgrade to the Beta version. Now I have the third-party option. v2.10.33

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They are in the beta program and have access to the beta app. Once its out of beta, the rest of us peasants will get it.

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I joined the beta as well. It was super easy to join and then get the new app from the play store. Here’s the link to instructions (Become a Beta Tester – Wyze). Scale is now working great with Google Fit.

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Thank you @jasonsf!

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Thank you @hokiecat!