Scale compatibility with Fitbit App

Now that I have the scale, I would like the data to be available in my Fitbit App. It is currently only available in Apple Health

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Yeah I just set up my scale, and I am super impressed. But Needs connectivity with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, etc.


Does this help?

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No. Google Fit and Fitbit are two different apps.


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Helpful guide and it’s right on. However, the only app that shows up under Authorized 3rd Party App on mine is Apple Health. I didn’t see the Google. Just wondering why.
I’m waiting on the Fitbit integration.

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That is because you have an Iphone. Google Fit is only on non Iphones

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Actually it is also available on iPhones. Here is it’s entry in the App Store.

To see Google Fit on the Band you need to install the app on your phone.

My bad

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No worries! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I gotcha. For any fitness app to show under the 3rd party app, including Fitbit, it has to be installed on the phone to be on the list to be selected.
So when Fitbit and WyzeBand become compatible, the Fitbit app will appear under the 3rd party app for selection automatically because I have the Fitbit app already installed on my phone.
Makes sense.

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Having to enter data in Fitbit manually is kind of a drag. I heard rumors that this was in the works but haven’t seen anything concrete.

Wyze is still advertising that it’s scale is integrated with FitBit.

I just received the following from a support chat:

“I do apologize however, at this time, we don’t have the steps to sync your Scale to Fitbit. But we are still working on that feature. We hope for your kind understanding and we appreciate your patience on this

Disappointing. Seems like a bit of false advertising to me.

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Have you opened the gear in the app? Authorize third party apps. It’s been connected for a while.

I have. Fitbit is authorized. If I click Unauthorize, a popup stating “system error” occurs.

So are you saying your app isn’t syncing? Once you authorize it then it should sync in the background. Or is the issue that you aren’t able to unauthorize? Just trying to figure out which side and where the issue may be. I’ve had mine authorized and syncing for a few months now. Almost as soon as I step off the scale my info is starting to send to fitbit. I don’t have to tell it to sync.

I have been able to get my scale to sync with Fitbit. Here is a couple of things that I did.

  1. Set up as third party app in Scale
  2. Authorize Weight in Fitbit app to read/write from Wyze
  3. I disabled the sync with Apple Health. (don’t know if this was a problem or not, but I did)
  4. After weighing on scale. Open the Fitbit app and it should populate weight. I do this in close proximity to the scale (it needs to be completely closed on Iphone before starting)
  5. I have found that it will sync for several days and then stop (don’t know why but I have rebooted my Iphone and it will sync the next day)

Thanks for the replys. Gives me promise that this does indeed work (contrary to what I was told from the support team). I feel that it’s an issue with me not being able to unauthorize. I will uninstall/install both wyze & fitbit and see how things go.