Connecting Scale X to another app

We recently received our Wyze Scale X. I’m trying to have all of the information from the scale entered into another app called, Lose it! Is there a way I can do this? TIA!!

@art_4the_soul YES! Follow the instructions to Sync your Wyze scale to Google Fit, then follow the instructions to sync Lose It! to Google Fit to act as the middle man between the 2 companies! Now you can get your Wyze Scale data in Lose It! just as you’re asking!

Here are the instructions to sync your Wyze Scale data to Google Fit:

Here are the instructions to sync Lose It! To pull data from Google Fit:

Have an activity tracker that syncs to Google Fit but not Lose It!? Use Google Fit as the middle man and get credit for this those calories in Lose It!.

I hope that helps! Best wishes on your weight loss journey.


That sounds great for copying existing Wyze data to Fit. But will new ‘live’ readings automatically show up in Fit when I use the scale? All 3 types of readings?