Watch Anomalies

I have a 44 and a 47c that I swap back and forth. It doesn’t matter which one I am wearing, but each one restarts multiple times per day. There are times when the time is out of sync, and I am unable to resync from the app. I am forced to restart the watch. The strangest thing is that sometimes the watch face is color inverted and frozen. It takes a few button presses to get the watch to wake back up. I have not seen a firmware updates since I have had the watches, which is surprising. No fixes or new features.

I have the original Watch 47 and on a few occasions have observed it to do what seems to be described in the first post here:

This happened with my first Watch 47 and also the replacement that Wyze sent soon after that first happened.

I would say that I’m also surprised, but at this point I’m really not, because Wyze has shifted its product focus to cameras for the past couple of years. Despite that, I added several Watch-related topics to this month’s fix-it-friday topic:

I don’t know if any of those issues resonate with you or if your :heart: vote would make any difference in getting Wyze to address and possibly remediate them—I actually would be surprised if Wyze decided to address any of those issues—but I figure it doesn’t hurt me to bring them to Wyze’s attention. :man_shrugging:

Weird: My Watch 47 just rebooted itself on my wrist while I was in the shower. With movement and water droplets falling on the watch face, I have noticed it do other things while I’m showering, like change the watch face (I have 3 loaded), show the Data screen, or start an app (like Indoor Run or Heart Rate), but I don’t recall seeing it reboot itself in the same manner. For that to happen, it would have to simulate swiping left, then swiping up, then tapping the :gear:, then swiping up, then tapping the System Control menu, then tapping Restart, then tapping the right button to confirm. While that’s not absolutely impossible, I’m more inclined to believe that this reboot was the result of (a) bug(s). :bug:

When I was in the practice of rebooting my watch intentionally every morning, this was not a frequent occurrence at all. (I’m not saying that it’s frequent now; I’m just saying that I have noticed it happening more than it used to because I’m not giving my Watch the fresh restart every day.)

My WYZE Watch 47 started rebooting itself on the 8th. What was odd was that I had run it down to zero power and put it to charge. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it did not recharge where I normally have it. I set it in another place and it recharged to 100% and at that point is where the reboots have started. The watch is currently at 82% power and just rebooted as I type. Very odd…

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So much Watch weirdness! I don’t have high hopes that Wyze will address any of these issues or remediate what I tried to highlight for fix-it-friday, but I wear my Watch 47 almost all the time (except when it’s charging), get a lot more use out of this little gadget than I initially expected to, and would like to see this underappreciated device get some more love from Wyze! :heart: