Wyze Watch 44mm & 47mm Firmware Beta Test 5/3/2021

Wyze Watch 44mm:

Firmware Version:

  • 0.3.75

What’s New:

  • Optimized system connection stability

  • Optimized Do Not Disturb mode logic

  • Optimized the red dot reminder UI

  • Fixed a core data missing issue

  • Fixed a disconnection issue

  • Fixed a bug causing the device to reboot

  • Fixed a bug that prevented notifications

  • Fixed a UI bug from when the watch was charging

  • Fixed a bug that caused the watch to restart during heart rate detection

Wyze Watch 47mm:

Firmware Version:

  • 0.12.43

What’s New:

  • Updated the Raise to Wake algorithm

  • Now automatic heart rate detection will no longer occur during charging

  • Extended the limits for heart rate measurement


What do you mean by, “Extended the limits for heart rate measurement”? Also, the raise to wake is much better now, keep it up!

There was a problem where the HR wouldn’t record anything less then 50 bp/m.

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Installed the update, had no issue doing the install. Everything seems to be working well on the watch. BTW: I agree with @B9TM9N that the raise to wake is much better.

Looking good.


I can confirm that the connection stability is much better on Watch 44. Haven’t found other issues so far.

Installed this firmware update to address the “core data missing” issue with my Wyze Watch 44, now nothing shows up on the watch face and it no longer connects to my phone. Seems that the watch is officially bricked now. :cry:

It’s back to working as normal! As a last ditch effort (and partially out of frustration), I started rapidly pressing the button on the side of the watch. After an unknown number of presses the watch vibrated and the Wyze logo appeared on the screen!

One thing I notice is the alarm bug is still there.
I set a 7:45 AM alarm and it vibrates 8:45 AM. I’m in PST time zone and we have daylight saving here.

Installed the 0.12.43 FW on my Watch 47 without any issues. It definitely wakes the watch much quicker and more reliably now. Actually maybe a bit too aggressively, but not to a problematic level. Can’t comment on the heart rate measuring changes as it already appeared to be working properly for me.

Really glad to see firmware updates coming through. My one bugaboo is fitness tracking. Today I went for a 4.7 mile walk, and it posted a 21 mile activity in Google fit. Walking is my main excerise, and I’d like to be able to use my watch for it.

Been testing the new firmware on Watch 44 - the connection to the iPhone seems more consistent but the watch itself is spontaneously re-starting several times a day which wasn’t happening before

I have both the watch & the band. I’ve decided that I like the band better but wouldn’t it be awesome if the band could be in the watch casing. Then old people like me could see it better.

I’m not using the beta test firmware, but I’m looking forward to the update fixes. I’m glad to hear the connection to an iPhone is more consistent. I’ve never had the issue of spontaneous re-starting until two days ago when my watch 44 has reset itself once each evening. Hope they fix that too.

The Wyze 47 Watch is a useless POS and now realize it’s only worth $19. WYZE should have never duped buyers that this so-called function less silicone wristwatch is a total waste of money unless they upgrade their firmware!!!

I don’t have any real comlaints with my 47. I get notifications, it tracks my Heart Rate, Battery life is great. The Beta FW also adds additional functionality. The only issues I have is with my Email, I get the subject line and not the Body of the email. In addition, it would be nice to see the image from a Wyze camera event. I am sure it will be there with a FW update in the future.

IMHO, Wyze never indicated that it would do what an Apple or a WearOS watch does, so I personally don’t feel slighted. For what I use it for, it serves its purpose.


I have the WYZE Band which is older and it has Alexa capability, unlike the newer WYZE Watch 47. WYZE should focus on improving its core products instead of all of the recent gimmicky junk that they seem to introduce to cover their overhead! WYZE needs to be more attentive to what made them great!

I do agree that Wyze needs to fix some of the items which are currently out there, or at least enhance them. I don’t agree that the recent releases are junk or even gimmicky. Guess I have had a different experience with Wyze.

I personally do not use Alexa on my watch, don;t see a need in it as I have Echo’s in my house and I talk to them. The 47 doe not have a microphone, so there is no way to hook up Alexa to it and tell it to do something. The best you can hope for is to allow the addition of Alexa Routines to the mix, but that will never happen IMO.

I have not found anywhere on the Watch site where it states it will work with Alexa, so I never expected it to. Here is the llink to the details page: Wyze Watch 47c

Mine does all that it indicates in the page. As stated earlier, there are some glitches which can be worked out via a FW update, but I would doubt Alexa will be one. There has been some updates to the FW which now allows some more customizations.

My friend…their cameras are great…Wyze watches do suck! Poor BS developers trying to push product in advanced pre-sales…the kiss of death!

I have to say that for a $20 watch, the Watch 47 meets my expecations. If I had paid $50 I’d probably be unhappy, but not at this price point. And I suspect that it will just improve with new FW and app releases.

My wife’s Watch 44, on the other hand, is only borderline acceptable even at $20…

I agree, the Camera’s are great. I have also had great experience with most of the other products, I don;t have an issue with my Watch. remember, this is the first release of a real watch, not including the band. Can it be better, yes. Did it deliver what it said it would, in my opinion, yes. But everyone’s experience isn’t the same which is more interesting to me.

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