Wyze Watch 44mm Firmware Beta Test 6/14/2021

  • 0.3.91
  • Added app management (must update to Wyze app 2.21)

  • Fixed Cycle Tracking UI error

  • Optimized logic of Cycle Tracking logic

  • Optimized iOS connectivity stability

  • Optimized watch software stability


What is ‘app management’?

I’m wondering if it isn’t watch app sorting? I can do that now, at least with the new production app and this firmware loaded.

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How do I sort apps? Am I missing something. I’m on the beta and updated the app but I must be missing it somewhere.

Nevermind I found it. :joy:

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Ever since the Firmware update, both of our watch 44’s will not connect to sync unless they are restarted. Are others experiencing the same? Has this been reported?

Several users, including me, are reporting that Raise to Wake and Step Counting no longer work after installing this version. This appears to be an issue where the watch’s ability to read its accelerometers has been impaired in this version. It would be interesting to see if this is impacting any who were also part of the beta.

I am also experiencing this issue. My 44 Watch will no longer track steps, sleep, or heartbeat, and raise to wake no longer works since updating. Is there a way to downgrade firmware until they fix this?

Same here. Watch no longer tracks sleep or steps.

Same issue here. Not tracking anything anymore. I did get a wyze notification that there was a firmware update for the watch but clicking it did nothing.

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