Wyze Watch 44mm Firmware 0.3.91 Released - 6/23/21

Wyze Watch 44mm firmware 0.3.91 is releasing! This adds app management, improves stability, and improves cycle tracking logic.

Read our Release Notes:


‘App management’ is the sorting of the watch apps.

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I had posted in the Wishlist to add a quicker access to the Shortcuts (such as a swipe-left menu since there is nothing there now) and this update did just that with the App Management feature, allowing me to place Shortcuts at the top of the swipe-right menu. Excellent work Wyze, thank you!


How did you reorder your apps? I can’t find any direction on how to use this new feature.

There is a new “Watch App Display” menu item on the home page of the 44’s plug-in. Just touch that, and you will get a list of apps to reorder. Just touch the 3 lines at the end of each app’s line to drag the item where you like, then click “Save” in the app-right corner.


@Newshound thanks so much!

I can’t seem to update to the new firmware version 3.91. When I check the firmware version on the phone app, I’m told it’s up to date at 3.90. I’ve rebooted and no change. I thought this update was in general release. Any suggestions?

Same issue for me here. Any input from the community or official sources would be appreciated.

@WyzeGwendolyn I tried again today and still couldn’t update the firmware. I’ve made sure my Wyze app is up to date and checked everything else I could think of. I’ve stopped short of doing a total reset. Any input would be most welcome for those of us who can’t seem to get this update to work. Thank you…

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It’s been 2 weeks using the latest firmware and I believe mine is bugged causing the watch to restart randomly, other than that it is working well and I think the sleep tracking has improved.

My watch updated to v0.3.90 this morning. Is 91 being held back for some reason?


I have version 91, but like @SID328 my watch is restarting itself frequently. The sleep tracking seems to think I’m awake far more often and for longer periods than I am throughout the night (comparing against my cpap’s tracking), and my watch is not counting steps for large chunks of the day. Last night it counted nothing from 5-10pm.

We have not received an answer regarding it. I had .91 in the beta but tried to put it back on my replacement 44 to no avail. Then .91 was announcement as “general release” firmware update on June 23 but I’ve not seen it. The radio silence about the “missing .91” release is something I’d expect from other companies. This is odd and sad for Wyze, who I’m beginning to lose a bit of excitement and trust in because of this.

Are you using the .91 beta version or the general release? Both have been missing apparently for a bit now. So maybe you got .91 on your device before it was pulled from beta? (this happened to me).

It must be the general version-I never actively sought out the beta version.

They must be working on the step count calibration-after no steps one evening, I have apparently racked up over 17,000 while sitting at my computer typing for a new hours this morning. But on the plus side, while the phone won’t connect to update the app, my home monitoring updates are still coming through whenever a door opens.

Can confirm. My 44 watch restarts on average, once a day.

Just chiming in to add my experience thus far with 0.3.91:

  1. Frequent, unexplained restarts.
  2. No step counting
  3. No Raise to Wake

All of the above were fine before installing the update.

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Can you please provide a comment or update to this thread? Let us know status of the firmware or where we are wrong?

I was told to wait for development over 3 weeks ago…was also told by wyze support that they wouldn’t be able to follow-up with updates and to be patient…What kind of service is that, I can’t help you further and i won’t update you. Basically wait until we fix it, but we have no idea when that will be…sorry .

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