Wyze Watch 44mm Firmware 0.3.91 Released - 6/23/21

yeah. this is tough. I’ve been a vocal advocate for Wyze for years now among my friends and family. this experience is turning sour for me quick. Benefit of the doubt only lasts so long for even your biggest fans.

I will note the following for anyone impacted by the step counting and raise to wake issues. Your mileage may vary.

My watch battery happened to run out totally because I had not charged it. After recharging it, my step counting and raise to wake began working again. I’m not saying there still isn’t a bug in this version of firmware which caused the problems to develop in the first place, but maybe if you happen to run the battery down to 0 you can get your watch to at least temporarily start working fully again after recharge.

I figured the loss of raise-to-wake on the 44 was a great time to see just how long the 44 & 47 would last with raise-to-wake off. That’s how I run my Band, and it gets 10 or 11 days routinely. :slight_smile:

What lights up the screen in that situation (at least for me) are primarily notifications (which I get a ton of), with an occasional button press to get the time. I don’t use the watches for much else.

Before I turned raise-to-wake off, I was getting about 7 days for the 44, and 5 days for the 47.

Afterwards, I was STILL getting 5 days for the 47 (so something bigger than the screen is the main current leech there), but now the 44 has jumped to FIFTEEN days! That’s now 3x the 47!!!

How things have flipped since the 47 was the man, lol.

My wife’s Watch 44 was working fine after 0.3.91 but now it has joined the ranks of Watch 44’s that have quit tracking steps and have quit doing Raise To Wake. Have tried powering off/on to no avail. Haven’t tried letting the battery run completely dead, which seemed to fix it for @jzindle but I may give that a try. If that doesn’t work I might try a full factory reset.

FWIW: Regarding my wife’s Watch 44 deciding not to count steps or Raise to Wake: I submitted a ticket to Wyze and they have now had me do a full factory reset, which did not resolve the issues. They just now had me submit a log file, so we’ll see where this goes.

@dietzgw thanks for the update-a factory reset didn’t work for me either. I’ll get a second ticket submitted and going as well.

I just heard back from Wyze support after submitting the logfile they requested… Basically saying that there’s no immediate fix and to wait for a future FW update. I have to say that I am quite disappointed, as “Raise to wake” is a basic feature of a smart watch and counting steps is even more basic. Right now my wife’s Watch 44 “smart” watch is about as dumb as her old analog watch, but not nearly as nice looking.

Here’s Wyze’s response: “Thank you for submitting a log! Our engineering team reviews each log to test and improve our products and the Wyze app. They’ve received your log, and are working to see your issue resolved in a future update.”

I received the same response today - to wait for the FW update:

“ As of now, we don’t have an estimated time for the next firmware update. But no worries, when it does, it should be posted on our official site. ”

Frustrating situation. Do I wait and enjoy my watch that tells time and pushes notifications to my watch, or finally give in and get the Apple Watch 6? I am regretting having tossed my wyze band last month.

My Watch 47 is quite usable and stable, and for $20, a great deal. I’m quite satisfied with it. My wife’s Watch 44, on the other hand, is close to useless and not worth the $20 we paid. I think Wyze knows that too. If you go to their webpage you’ll only see the Watch 47 for sale. Will be interesting if they actually fix the bugs and start selling it again or just let it die a natural death. I got both of ours on the pre-release sale. I don’t think the 44 has ever hit their real sales page.

Having said that, I currently see my Watch 47 as a “gateway drug”. I haven’t worn a watch for about 8 years but the smart features of the 47 have me hooked and I’m now wearing it daily. I now want better features and would go for an Apple Watch in a heart beat if it worked properly with an Andrdoid phone, but I’m not interesting in buying an iPhone just to also buy their watch. Currently keeping a close eye on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4…

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My replacement 44 is now corroding at the battery contacts; just like the previous one. I’ll be reaching out to see what they do. They can’t be replacing these watches indefinitely. But it barely took 1.5 months before it started happening. Terrible design to release in public. I can’t believe this issue didn’t come up in beta testing of the hardware itself. Why it went for general release is beyond me now.

It took awhile, but the battery finally ran completely out. After letting it run it, then recharging it, my watch is now tracking again. After restarts, factory resets, all of it - just letting the battery run out was what worked. Strangest thing, but so HAPPY my watch is working again!

Well, strange as it seems, count my wife’s Watch 44 as another one that started working again after letting the battery run completely out. As with @chrissyjonescr I had done restarts and a complete factory reset to no avail. Now after letting the battery run out and recharging it is now doing “Raise to wake” again and is counting steps again. I can understand why a restart might not have fixed it but you’d think that a full factory reset would have set everything back to square one. Must be some bit of code that is staying in memory and doesn’t get cleared as long as there is juice. Very strange but at least the watch is working again. Wonder how long until we need to do this again…

But wait, there’s more. The next time I charged my watch it stopped tracking again. I didn’t let the battery completely run out again. I put it to charge at about 11%. When I took it off the charger it did not track steps or sleep anymore. So I’m going to try letting the battery run out again, and if that works, only charge a fully dead battery moving forward.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. We’ll keep an eye on my wife’s Watch 44 and see what happens when she recharges.