iOS App Version 2.19.24 Released - 4/20/21

Good morning, Forum Friends!

iOS app version 2.19.24 is releasing today and the companion Android version will release on a later day. These updates improve the update instructions for Wyze Sense Keypad and fix a false alarm bug for Wyze Home Monitoring.

Read our Release Notes:


I’d love to see you add watch support. I get you guys made a watch but people aren’t going to leave their smart watches for a third rate watch. Love your company but you need to add a watch app for iOS. Gennie has that feature while providing cheaper bulbs

You should be able to add your watch to the app now, just like any Wyze device. Just press the plus (+) sign in the upper-left corner of the Home tab, then Add Device > Lifestyle > [whichever watch you have].

Once added to the app you can select it and manipulate its settings and read its data like any other Wyze device.

i mean actual smart watches, not the wyze watch which doesn’t even have apps

everyone already has a smart watch. allow support like geeni does. May have to switch companies after being with you for a year

i have a 300$ smart watch. I’m not downgrading just so i can control my stuff from my watch. Wyze should support all watches

heh @WyzeGwendolyn, hopt all is well with you. I have both an Android and an iPhone for testing. I have registered them both for Beta Testing as well. My Current iOS version is 2.19.16 (3) and not the version mentioned 2.19.24. Do I need to remove myself from the Beta Site on the iPhone to get the release or how do I get it? It does not show up in the App Store for me.

Thanks in advance.

If it doesn’t show up for you on the app store, go to the usual Updates tab and pull down on the list of apps it shows you. That will force a refresh, after which the 2.19.24 app should present itself.

I deleted Test FLight and the app. Went to the app store and downloaded the latest. Pulling down to refresh did not provide any updates. Not sure if it had to do with Test Flight or what. But it is fine now.

Thanks for the suggestion

You didn’t need to delete TestFlight. You can simply delete the Beta app and load the production app from the App Store.

You can’t load the production app from TestFlight, you must load it from the App Store.

Occasionally the App Store won’t show the latest version, so you have to pull down to refresh.

Got ya – thanks.

Android is a bit different.

Appreciate the info.

How come deferent devices have different graphics for the controls. Outdoor camera looks one way, doorbell looks another way, Cam2 looks different way??? Would it not make for a better app to have consistency within the app?

Are you planning to redesign it so it look consistent like other camera providers?