Wyze app 2.18+ and Wyze Watch 0.12.37 Released - 3/25/21

EDIT: The app updates have been postponed and we appreciate your patience. We expect them to go out early next week but we’ll keep you posted!

Happy Thursday, Forum Friends!

Wyze app 2.18.41 for Android and 2.18.43 for iOS are releasing to add support for Wyze Home Monitoring and reduce static for Wyze Cam v3 on iOS! Wyze Watch 0.12.37 is also going out with experience and connectivity improvements. :grin:

Read our Release Notes:


The app updates have been postponed and we appreciate your patience. We expect them to go out early next week but we’ll keep you posted!


The app updates have been approved and will be available for you soon! Thanks for waiting. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t stay connected long enough to update to new firmware :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Somebody help me.

I received my Watch47 Today and I think it will be a winner with a few tweaks for improving the “raising hand to turn on” and “getting out of notifications”

The BIGGEST thing that I notice is the unconventional way of displaying HOURS and MINUTE on top of each other, which makes it hard to quickly comprehend. I would like to suggest another ROW of Standard FACES to pick from in your Phone app (titled PRO or EXPERT) that would use the top 1/3 of the watch to display the DATE/DAY along with the current TEMP in a single small horizontal top line, and the TIME below it with a very large HOUR and MINUTE horizontally across the whole face.

Then the MIDDLE of the watch would display the STEPS WALKED and CALORIES vertically on the Left Half, with your 3 Color Bands on the Right Half (for artistic value). This would display every daily summary necessary in a great format! ALL displays would be in small white text with black background EXCEPT the HOURS and MINUTES would be VERY LARGE fully across the entire face in 2 colors.

If enough vertical space was still available, you could also add a Single small line on the Bottom that would also display HEART RATE and OXY%. This would make it a GREAT DISPLAY, and you would only have to push the 2 heart measurements briefly to get immediate readings. Everything else would already be a direct current display! Just a suggestion, but it would be a very welcome improvement for a future UPDATE that would make the Date, Day, Temp and TIME display in a perfect format.


Downloaded my beta update yesterday and updated my cameras with no issues at all. Thanks for all the hard work! :smiley:

Totally agree. There needs to be better watch faces. This idea sounds like a winner to me. The fonts on the faces now are hard to read. I keep reading the 1 (ones) as 7 (sevens).

I would also like the sender name for SMS messages displayed on the watch to be in a larger font. Good for old guys …

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Love the watch so far!!

I am assuming that there will be continuous and new features and updates added as time goes on? Would love to see more app options like spotify and hyundai remote, etc. Thats the only thing I am missing to make the watch perfect!

Have compared many other features while wearing my wifes apple watch and its identical! Thank for saving me 500 dollars yall!