Wyze Watch 44mm Firmware 0.3.90 Released - 6/2/21

Good morning, Forum Friends!

Wyze Watch 44mm firmware version 0.3.90 is releasing shortly! This has some experience improvements such as the screen lighting up when receiving a notification and improved connection stability as well as a bunch of bug fixes! :bug:

Read our Release Notes:


Hey, I’m in the beta program, and I got this update yesterday. It would be great if I could see what the updates are instead of waiting for the public release.

With this, it was only a 1-day difference, but with some updates, it’s a bit longer and I’m left wondering “well, what changed?”

If you want to know what is going on with beta you need to keep up with what’s going on in the beta section

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Don’t ask me how I managed to miss that.

This is a released firmware version though. I don’t know if it was there a few hours ago, but there is a link to the release notes if Gwen’s announcement.

0.3.90 (June 2, 2021)

  • The screen will now light up when receiving a notification
  • Added automatic repair for core data missing error
  • Optimized offline Weather data display logic
  • Optimized connection stability
  • Fixed a bug that caused Weather data to show 0
  • Fixed a restart bug
  • Fixed a bug preventing iOS notification pushes
  • Fixed an abnormal step counting bug
  • Fixed a bug preventing sleep data
  • Fixed Raise to Wake failure bug
  • Fixed a core data missing bug
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did alarm get fixed ?

Hi there,
after 3.9 firmware update, [from 3.65] steps, heart rate, blood ox, text notifications, sleep recording do NOT show up on watch face only on phone. My wife sent the log files. Please let me know if there’s a way to fix this or revert to the prior firmware . Yes, we rebooted the watch several times after the update.

How about feature release updates to align better with the 47? If you released higher quality software from the start rather than using your install base for testing, perhaps your development team could refocus on features

The screen lighting up when receiving a notification is NOT an improvement, this is a security issue. Please fix this.

How can we either disable this new feature or revert to a previous firmware? This is very important, I will have to stop using Wyze if this is not fixed.

I believe you can turn notifications off in Settings > Notification.

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I don’t want to turn notifications off, I just want them like they were in the original firmware - a vibrate, but not automatically displaying your text message for anybody near you to read.

I don’t want to turn notifications off, I just want the ability to make them vibrate-only.

This is how the Watch 44 behaved with the original firmware. I want this behavior back. The current behavior - lighting up and displaying your text messages automatically every time one arrives - is a security risk for many users, myself included.

With notifications completely off, this product is completely useless to me.

I believe they decided not lighting up the screen was a bug, so doubt you will see that come back. They haven’t been processing updates for the watch in quite some time.


I’m not asking for an update, I’m asking for a downgrade. I want to go back to an earlier firmware.

I guess I will just find a different brand, however. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: