Wyze Watch 44mm Firmware Beta Test 4/15/2021


  • 0.3.68


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Wyze logo to display for too long after an update

  • Fixed a bug that caused the watch to reboot


After enrolling my Wyze Watch 44 into the beta yesterday the firmware update seems to have caused an issue. I had the following message on the phone:

core data missing,
please connect the wyze app to upgrade.
device no.6C38

I submitted log id:192572 and opened a ticket 1191609

After removing the watch from the app and attempting to reconnect the watch only shows the Wyze logo and will not re-add.

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There are many posts on issues with the Wyze watch 44. Fix notifications please. awkward and unreliable.

Any idea if they are working for a fix for the incorrect weather coding?

The current high/low matches the tomorrow high/low right now on the watch 44. It’s not a coincidence, it’s all the time. So either they coded the today high/low with the info for tomorrow’s high/low in error, or vice versa with tomorrow’s high/low being coded with the info for the today high/low.


Is Wyze going to support the 44mm watch for how long?
They removed the 44mm from the website.

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