iOS app update says: app sorting for 44mm watch - What am I missing?

Hello all!

Just updated the Wyze app update for iOS 2.21.33. Was very excited to see 44mm app sorting.
But are we also waiting for a firmware update for the 44mm watch itself to enable this?
If so, when is that happening? If not, please help a guy out, since I clearly am not seeing how to sort!

I think we do. 0.3.91 is in Beta now. I think you need that version to enable app sorting.

I am using the new production app and that Beta FW, and I can sort the 44’s apps. :slight_smile:


Cool. I very much appreciate the confirmation! Clearly the release in imminent if the new production app is ready for the firmware update. So now just curious if there is some more detail from our benevolent wyze overlords as to when the 44mm watch update will be released to a normie like me? :wink:

As soon as they decide no complaints are coming in from the Beta testers. Not sure how big that window is, though. That firmware was just released to Beta testing 19 hours ago.

If you want to take a chance and load the Beta firmware, you can do that by going to the Account tab > About > Beta Program > Edit and checkmark the Wyze Watch 44. That will let you see the Beta update the normal way. Don’t forget to uncheck that box when you are done, or it will continually offer you untested Beta updates!

P.S. – I think I had to restart my app afterwards to see the new sort option. May have restarted my watch too, although it restarts itself after the update is complete.


I was able to get 0.3.91 installed on the watch but my Wyze app is stuck at 2.21.26 in testflight. Anyone else having this problem?

Disregard. I hadn’t noticed that the AppStore version was updated to 2.21.33. Downloaded that one, overwrite the beta from TestFlight and now I’m able to sort the apps.