Wyze Watch 47mm Firmware Beta Test 6/7/2021

  • 0.12.48
  • Improved iOS notification success

  • Improved data synchronization. Users do not need to open the Wyze app because data can be automatically synchronized to the app and third-party platform in the background

  • Sleep data can be viewed and uploaded to the app in real-time

  • Improved the detection of nonliving objects during heart rate/blood oxygen measurement

  • Changed the sedentary reminder so it doesn’t happen when not wearing the watch.

  • Optimized blood oxygen measurement

  • Optimized heart rate measurement

  • Cycle Tracking will be displayed regardless of body type when first paired but can be hidden


What the heck does this mean?

Will it tell me if I’m dead?
If I am I probably won’t care.


Going to take a swing at it here, but guessing this is to prevent erroneous data collection if you aren’t wearing the watch. “Nonliving object” = a stand, your dresser or anything else that might provide a reflection of the sensor light that could be mistaken as you wearing the watch.


I’ve been waiting for the background sync since this was released. Can confirm it works as stated. Very pleased there. Great work

Installed and everything seems to be working so far

Installed it. :+1:

So how will the new constant synchronization affect battery life? The 47 used to get 8-10 days for me, now with the last firmware version (or maybe even before that) with no changes in settings or use it gets 4-6 days. One is good for recharging every week, and one is not.

Worst thing about the most recent battery life on the 47 is it went from 53%-to-dead in just 24 hours. So way whack, lol.


I’ve been testing battery over the last few weeks to figure out what I’m comfortable with. What I’ve found is this with raise to wake and continuous monitoring for heart rate, multiple timers and alarms, and a fairly substantial number of notifications per day:

Low Brightness: 7 days
Med Brightness: 6 days
High Brightness: 4-5 days

I’m currently testing this again with raise to wake disabled to see how much impact it has on the battery.


Good battery tests!

My Raise-to-Wake is on, but restricted to the hours of 7AM-11PM. I don’t use the heart rate function, and my brightness has always been set to low.

I mainly use it for time, and a fairly substantial number of notifications per day from my phone. But those uses haven’t varied much either.

So my best guess ATM is the watch is either doing more (maybe for sleep monitoring?), or my battery is going sideways. I’m hoping it’s the watch doing more, and a compromise can be found. After all, I don’t use sleep monitoring either, so I would love to have the option to turn that, and any other functions I don’t use, totally off.

Since I’m pitching in the Firmware Beta Test thread, I’d also like to turn Raise-to-Wake off, and use a touch to the screen to wake it up. I’d also love to have the option to decide for myself how long a notification stays displayed (I want longer there). Both these options are available on the Band. :slight_smile:

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I had mine on from 9am-11pm for each of those tests. I did a much less stringent test when I first got the watch with low brightness and no raise to wake and I think I got nearly 12 days with similar usage.

For me, I really wish they would swap the data and settings tabs for the watch in the app. I almost NEVER want to change settings and it gets tiresome to always have to tap over to the data to see everything.

I’d also like to see the night mode from the band where it would drop the screen brightness to low when you were on DND mode in the evenings.

I’m really glad the tap to wake function is gone though. That was horrible on the band and resulted in so many activations of Alexa by accident or when water hit the face. Maybe double tap or some other way to reduce accidental taps would be good.

Who in their right mind wants “cycle tracking”.

I thought about just replying “Women” but as I sit here thinking about it, I’m not sure that’s gonna be descriptive enough based on this comment…


Alexa is not an option on the watch. I also don’t get the watch wet. But I’d be fine with a double-tap, just so long as there’s an option for it.

I ran into a glitch that may have been affecting my battery life. As I said, my Raise-to-Wake is on, but restricted to the hours of 7AM-11PM. Or I thought it was. It has been lighting up when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and I hadn’t comprehended that it shouldn’t be. In fact I was using it as a night light to shine the way, lol. Well, probably because I wrote that response yesterday, I realized last night it was not supposed to do that. I checked the settings, and it was set properly. So I turned it off and back on again, and it started working. Don’t understand why that would have been necessary, but you may want to check yours too tonight.

The Vortex manipulator function is still there,
Last night before I went to bed at ~10pm the watch was still showing the prior days sleep cycle.
This morning when I awoke at ~6 am it reported I got 9 hours and 37 minutes of sleep in those 8 hours.

Sleeping Efficiency Level = Expert

@Yichen, my 47’s Raise-to-wake is restricted to the hours of 7AM - 11 PM, but every night over the past 2 nights (at least) I have noticed the display comes on when I get up to go to the bathroom. When I go to Raise-to-wake to check the settings, it often has trouble loading the status, but if I go in and out a few times it will read it. Just that act seems to fix it, but after I fix it, it still comes on during the ‘off’ hours, it just seems much harder to get it to do so. Maybe it was just harder to get it to do so all along, I don’t know. I just know it will come on during the hours it shouldn’t.

Log in ticket 226503. I am on FW 0.12.48.

I am excited to test this version. I installed the Test Flight app but it requires an invitation code. How do I get that or what is the code? I am an IOS user BTW


How do I test the beta?

Since this is Beta firmware, you can go to either the production or Beta apps and load it into the watch. Just go to the Account tab > About > Beta Program > Edit, and select the products you would like to see Beta firmware on. Then just update that device like you normally would.

Any problems be sure to post here in the Beta section, preferably in the thread where the version was announced (like this one). Include a log when possible by referencing the ticket the log is contained in after it uploads.


Thank you! I just signed up!

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To me the #1 thing that needs fixing is the notifications. Still very clunky. Show app not other for all apps. Don’t have the 2 step stuff which has a notification and then a separate action for getting rid of it.

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