Watch 47 FW 0.12.49

My watch just updated to 0.12.49 but I’m not finding anything on the forum that tells me what’s in the update. Anybody know? Or can point me to a source? Thanks.

Wyze Watch 47mm :

Version: 0.12.49

What’s New:

  • Turned off continuous heart rate measurement by default
  • Optimized ANC connection
  • Solved the abnormal connection problem from version 0.12.48 that caused issues such as watch face syncing failure

you are too fast. :slight_smile:

I was getting the info came back and you had it.


Hmmm, I just checked for an update - my Firmware Version is 0.12.43 and reports "it’s up to date: ???

Thanks @Newshound . Much appreciated!

@mstricklett . Are you in the beta program? This is a beta release.

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No, thanks for the heads up!

I can’t even update to 0.12.49. I’ve tried restarting the watch, and everything, but it just fails every time. Farthest I’ve made it is 17% then just restarts, and eventually fails. Not sure what to do

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