Wyze Plug Outdoor Firmware and Wyze Watch 47mm Firmware 0.12.49 Released - 7/7/21

Hi, Forum Friends!

Wyze Plug Outdoor firmware is releasing with the ability to use Certified For Humans and Bluetooth pairing at the same time after a reset! Wyze Watch 47mm version 0.12.49 is also coming out with experience improvements.

Read our Release Notes:


fyi…the release page shows the wrong firmware for the 47 watch

Wyze Watch 47mm Firmware (July 7, 2021)

  • Turned off continuous heart rate measurement by default
  • Optimized ANC connection
  • Solved the abnormal connection problem from version 0.12.48 that caused issues such as watch face syncing failure

Yes @WyzeGwendolyn – the firmware release page still has the wrong version number. Should be 0.12.49.

That firmware is bad… Literally my heart monitoring doesn’t work and battery life is severely reduced (with continuous monitoring off, low brightness, normal amount of notifications).

I can’t get mine to load. Gets to about 6%, then loops back to the start, over and over…

I’m in the same boat. My watch hasn’t been able to update since my first firmware update after buying it. I’m on 0.12.48 Every time I attempt to update it gets to 19 or 20% and loops back before failing after several tries. I’ve rebooted, removed some wallpapers etc. and no joy. This is unacceptable, even for such an inexpensive watch. And don’t get me started on the step count and syncing with Apple Health.