Firmware updates - Watch 47

My watch is still at 0.12.27. I thought I read that newer updates were out there. Yet, mine says I am up to date. What is the latest and how do I get it?

Also, how can we see what changes are in the updates?

My plug in version is 1.0.36, from 1.0.33 where I started.

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The latest production 47 firmware is 0.12.37. From your phone/tablet with Bluetooth turned on, Wyze app Home > select your 47 > wait for your phone/tab and 47 to sync > select Watch Info (3 dots in upper right) > select “Firmware Version”

Release notes are at: Release Notes & Firmware

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Thanks… that was helpful.


Glad to be of help! :+1:

When will there be a firmware update for the Wyze Watch 47, and what will be included? Thanks.