Wyze Watch 47mm Firmware Beta Test 4/19/2021


  • 0.12.41


  • When pairing the watch for the first time, the cycle tracker is hidden or presented according to body type selection

  • Added support for rearranging applications on the watch and toggling whether the cycle tracker is visible (2.20 app version required)

  • By default, the option for heart rate measurements every 5 minutes is turned on

  • Improved the vibration strength of message notifications

  • Improved the data syncing for the heart rate on the dial

  • The screen will turn off automatically in 7 seconds when using the timer

  • Improved the algorithm for calorie calculation when exercising

  • Fixed a bug displaying incorrect iOS message list status


Installed the FW, will test. However, how do you rearrange the apps?

Sorry – Just read this again… I need app 2.20. My Bad… :slight_smile:

Are firmware updates automatic or do you have to do them manually? If manually, what is the procedure.? I don’t see anything on the watch or in the app.

I hope the next watch 44 Update will increase the vibration for notifications too plz.


I got mine when I went into the Watch Device in the Wyze App. It triggered it to be installed. You may have to go a little further and select Device Info.

However, this is only for those who signed up for the Beta. You can join the beta by going here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

To select which Devices you would like Beta FW for do the following:

  • Start the Wtze App
  • Tap Account at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap About
  • Tap Beta Program (If you don’t have this, you will need to sign-up for the Beta Testing Program Frst), If it exists, simply tap on it
  • Tap the Edit link at the top
  • Select Which devices you would like Beta FW for. I select All Devices.
  • Click Save

I would then shut the app down, and then start it again. Probably not needed, but I do this to be sure. Then go to the Watch and see if the FW is available.

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Great info. Thanks.

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Do you know if you select all devices does it take longer to process through all devices?
For example I’ve V2, V3, Pan and 47 watch that I’m actively interested in. My WOC, lock, sensors and all the rest I don’t care about. But when I went to check for upgrades under “About” I gave up after it was “checking” for about 10 minutes.

Just another note - when I first tried to update it WITHOUT REBOOTING ANYTHING it spent 15 minutes on “downloading” screen.
So I rebooted all and it went right through and downloaded within 30 seconds.

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Hope these same updates are coming to the 44, so disappointed how they have so many differences, its like 2 different companies made them.

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Where do I obtain the 2.20 version of the app? It isn’t updating from Google play.

Glad that worked. Sorry for he late response, but that is what I do if things seem to hang.

Has not been released yet. Hopefully soon.

Sometimes the FW gets released to fix other issues and prepares for the next App Update as well

As you found, rebooting seems to work. I also clear the cache and do a force stop at times. That seems to correct the apparent hang. Not sure if it is something with the app or phone.

They’re both watches but it’s clear they are completely separate products. Obviously the screen is different, but different firmware, different behaviors, even very different packaging.

Just hope these changes come to the 44.

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Coincidentally my Cell data spiked about 3GB in the two days since I updated the watch.
Watch will be off until new data cycle.

I have not experienced that. Are you sure it is the watch or Wyze? I assume (I know - bad to assume) that you checked the Android Mobile Data Usage and saw what the most use app was, correct?

Yesyerday it was windy here, my camera’s were off the hook. They were transmitting 700+ Kbps per outdoor camera, that is a lot of data being transmitted. This wouldn’t be your issue as they are normally connected to your WiFi.

Can we please get more options for automatically checking? For example, once every hour? I had this on, but it really drains the battery. Also, an auto feature for blood oxygen would be nice too.

Yes, I checked the Android Mobile Data Usage, And I’m not running a WOC, only 1 V2 and 2 V3’s locally.

I don’t have any real tool, but will see if I can determine how much chatter is going on with my Watch 47 and network.

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