Wyze 47 won't connect

Not sure if it was the recent update to 2.33.0 (161) on Android. But, around the same time I can no longer connect my watch with my phone. I am getting “Connection failed,tap to try again.(6-1)” and the watch says “Disconnected” all in the app. I have restarted the phone, the watch and turned Bluetooth on and off multiple times (also I tapped to try again). Hopefully, a fix is on the way already!

Having the samething??? AGAIN

Experiencing the same issue as well on my 47mm watch. Wyze app for android was last updated July 19th, 2022.

I am sorry you are all having this issue, we are currently trying to find the solution to this. Those of you that are on Android can you check your permissions for the Wyze app in the Android settings and see if ‘Nearby devices’ is set to allow, if it isn’t can you allow it and see if it will then connect.


Appreciate the response. I will try the suggestion and report back, thank you!


wow, that’s the fix for me! I don’t know how this got changed from just an update, but I appreciate it

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I am glad that fixed it for you and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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Resolved it for me as well. Hopefully this is a workaround as I’ve previously had this functionality disabled.

The 'Nearby devices is a new permission introduced in Android 12 and it seems some items using Bluetooth will need this on to work with Android now.


Worked for me too!

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Same issue. The suggestion worked for me as well.

When will this be in the Google Play Store as I am not seeing any updates there and I’m running Version 2.33.0.

Since the last app update I have had spotty bluetooth connection and no longer receive notifications, despite going through all the troubleshooting steps and even doing a factory reset.

There is no telling, but it should be soon (within days). Wyze pushed it to Google. It’s up to Google to post it in the Play Store.

Thanks. Hopefully this update also resolves the issue where im not getting SMS notifications now. I get notifications for gmail and phone calls but not for texts.

1 Like just showed up in the Play Store for me. :+1: Not sure if it will fix your notification issue. If not, plz start a new topic in #Lifestyle category for help.

Hello there,

I just received a wyze as a gift, unfortunately I have not been able yo connect muy 47 watch. I tried all the recommendations with no succes. Is there anything else to try?