Wyze watch 47 - The Drain in Spain? & A Buzz for the Ages!

My wyze 47 watch sometimes will buzz, long, hard & loudly.

What is that all about ? (No alarm or timers set)
The screen, if I can recall correctly, is blank.

The buzz and vibration, scares the heck out of me.
Kinda like thise spy movies. When the “Good Guy, me”. Has a device with bad intentions, strapped to his wrist.

This has happened, to me. Several times, over the last 9 months.

I sleep with mine on (4 sleep measurements), so I don’t want to get burned.

I charged it a day or so ago n that charge is now gone. During nirmal use a charge last 5-6 days.

Has anyone else experienced, either of these issues ?


Yes me too. I have the 47 watch and have experienced it where it will vibrate randomly for a few seconds and then auto restart on its own.

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It seems to be random and disconcerting at the same time.

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Hey @BigBurly13

Coming back to this topic , whenever i receive a lot of notificationson on my watch it’ll start to vibrate for a minute or two. While its vibrating, the watch will be off and then it’ll restart on its own.

Is this similar to what you experienced?

Sometimes yes,
Other times,
It just happens, outta the blue.

It’s disconcerting,
I don’t a battery fire on my wrist ? :wink:

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After my first watch 47 was about 9 months old, I noticed a full charge only lasted 2-3 days max. Had to replace it with a new 47C. Still getting 7-8 days out of that one after a few months. Same measurements & settings on all my Wyze watches. BTW, would be nice to be able to pair multiple watches with the app, I own 3 with different bands to coordinate, but can only have one paired at a time

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I would have had the same problem.
But the Wyze band “Silly Strap”, caused
My wrist to break out.

For my Wyze watch, I needed a faux leather band. This helped reduce sweat and irritation, by a mile.

My question is,
When well it answer calls.

Kinda like Dick Tracy’s did. (My 1st Asian smart watch did). Well b4 Wyze had even a band.
(Btw - it’s band was a rash maker too)

Video calls later, much later, too. :open_mouth::face_with_monocle::thinking: