Watch 47 battery losing charge faster and faster

My Wyze Watch must be close to a year old, and has performed well (only complaint is that if I don’t Sync it every day, the weather data is old). In the last few weeks, however, I charge the battery to 100%, only to find it at 97 hours later, with little activity. By 24 hours later, it’s in the 80% range, battery-wise.

  1. Is this happening with all Wyze watches?
  2. Will it get worse or plateau?
  3. Will I have to send it in for a replacement battery?
  4. If I’m handy (and gutsy), can I replace the battery myself?
  5. Is the battery a pretty standard size, like a CR2016 or CR2032?
  6. Should I just chalk it up and buy a new WyzeWatch 47?
  7. In the last couple of weeks (probably due to an app update, so I never actually noticed until now), I can no longer have a third choice of “Clock Face”. What’s up with that?
    Any answers, suggestions, ideas or even partial solutions will be appreciated. We’re in this together.

That may be normal. I haven’t worn my 47 recently, but last I did it was getting 4-6 days out of a charge. YMMV.

My 44 was pretty variable during the last few charges when I was wearing it, getting 8-15 days.

I use my Band ATM because it is best for notifications. That gets a reasonably consistent 10 days between charges (so much so I just set a reminder to do it every 10 days).

I have raise-to-wake off on all of them.

The batteries aren’t serviceable in any of them.

You can Edit your Clock faces in the settings. I have 3 shown ATM, but there are more available.

Hi, Newshound -
Thanks for your reply. For a very long time, I was getting 10-14 days out of a charge. This has now changed, per my post. I wear it 24/7, and recognize that raise-to-wake eats battery life, but that’s how it has always been set with no previous problem. When you say that “the batteries aren’t serviceable in any of them”, I recognize and respect where you’re coming from, but at some level - in the factory or during their original testing they had to get at the batteries, so my life-long credo is that if something is broken and it bothers me enough, I figure that if I trash it in my efforts to come out on top, what do I have to lose? Breaking it? It was already broken! What a liberating concept! I’ve been successful 90% of the time - and if I shoot myself in the foot, I’ve still benefitted from an education. So, yes, the batteries are serviceable! As far as editing my clock face, I was able to do that until what I mentioned just recently (maybe I’ll delete and reinstall the app and see if that helps) - but now, there are only two choices, and picking a new one prompts a pop-up that tells me I’ll have to first delete one of the other (now only) two faces. Hrummmmmmpf!

When I first got my 44 & 47 the roles were reversed. The 44 got 6-9 days (average a little over 7), and the 47 got 7-13 days (average 10). I preferred wearing the 47 because of that.

Then around May of last year the 47 suddenly dropped to 4-6 days (average under 5 days). There were 2 firmware updates around that time, so I suspect it was one of those. No firmware update since then has changed anything for me.

The 44 did 6-9 days until around July (average a little over 7). Then I turned off raise-to-wake, and it doubled to 12-15 days (average 12). I turned off raise-to-wake on the 47 too, but it had been getting 4-6 days and that really didn’t vary after I turned it off. So something else was using more current there. Still leaning towards a firmware change.

So my thought is a battery change may not do you any good, unless someone chimes in with a 47 that is still getting an average of 7-13 days with current firmware.

However, if you do replace the battery, be sure to write up the process in Tips & Tricks! :slight_smile: