Watch 47 battery recharge necessary more often

No category for “Watch”, so I wind up choosing “Home” Huh? Same thing with “Pick a category” no watch on the list at all, so I pick “room-sensor”. I guess Wyze doesn’t want to hear about the Watch anymore.

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When I first got my Wyze Watch 47, I was hugely impressed that the battery level didn’t get near 20% for two full weeks with everyday use! Now, about 18 months later, it drops fast, and lasts about ONE WEEK! Normal? Am I expecting too much from a battery of this type: typical for these? What’s next - level off or rapid decline? How soon will it be unusable? Will I have to just buy a new one? Planned obsolescence, or just shut up and appreciate the great purchase?

It’s there. Just Under Lifestyle>Watch

I have had the Wyze Watch 47 since pre-order and have not experienced this. I often find myself wondering what is buzzing around me and it is the Wyze Watch getting notifications that I hadn’t worn in a few weeks. I will admit though, I do not wear it daily. As I rotate though a number of watches.

I have had my share of smart watches since their existence, and at some point, usually around 2 years, you start to see the battery go. Small battery constant charge as discharge. I can tell you this. I sure wish my Apple watch series 7 stayed charged for a week. Since Day 1 and with limited features running I am lucky to get a day and a half on it.

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Yea, I have also gone through many watched from many brands, and battery powered devices in general loose their longevity over time