Wyze Watch 47 - No battery charge warning?

Hey all. Is anyone else’s Wyze Watch (I have the 47 model) alerting them when the battery is below 10% or so? I get not warnings at all. Last night it just died and while it does last about 8-9 days I would have thought I’d get an alert or something. Very weird.


That is a good idea to put on the #Wishlist.
When the watch is below 20% it won’t accept an update unless you connect to charger.


My watch buzzed with a low battery warning at about 10% I believe.

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Good to know! Mine hasn’t got that low, yet.

I find it odd this has to be a wishlist item. The Wyze band had this feature built in,


Please add a notification to the Wyze watch whenever the battery runs low. I use an alarm to wake up to, and if the watch dies, I don’t get the alarm.

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Don’t think so.

Yes, my watch (47) vibrated and displayed a message when the battery was down to 20%. Easy to miss the alert, though.
Whenever checking the stats on your phone, note the battery level displayed. Probably good to set a schedule and charge one a week.

I did not get any notification and was monitoring my phone when the battery was at or below 20%. Then 10%. And yes, my notifications are turned on for my Samsung A71 Android phone.