Wyze Watch - Add Low Battery Notification On Phone

Hi, so I’ve had the Watch 47 since it came out and really enjoy it for its basic and simple use. But the ONE thing that really frustrates me is how it only does a simple vibrate whenever it’s low battery. If it happens when I’m sleeping or such, I miss it entirely and it dies in the middle of the day without me knowing and then I’m wearing a dead watch. (This happened to me the other day)

Feature request: Please add a notification to your phone that tells you when your watch battery is low. Like at 20% or 10%. Please and thank you Wyze team!

Lol they will never update this watch. It has been almost a year since the last update.


Fool me once Wyze

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Agree. Low bat notification needs to be better if there even is one. Just randomly dies then I feel like a fool with a dead watch on my hand for who knows how long.


Agreed! This is my main pain point with the product.

In addition to phone notification, another very simple improvement (and easy to implement) would be to modify the watch faces to show a RED DOT when the battery is low (since as noted, a single brief notification on the watch is insufficient).


Oh that’s a good idea, I like that! Hopefully someone from Wyze sees this to add something to improve the watch.

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Watch 47C Battery Level

I have a watch 47C. I have noticed that when the battery is low there is almost never any indicator of charge level being too low. Once, in the total time that I have owned the watch have a seen an alert on the watch about the battery level being low, and that one time it was on the watch screen for less than a second.

Can the phone send an alert to the user so I know when the battery is low and needs to be charged?


Too bad this feature request only has 20 votes. I imagine that there are thousands of users that are suffering from their watch’s “sudden death” because there is no effective notification when the battery is running low.

THIS IS COMMON SENSE. why in the world do they not care to make a better product??? This is a simple coding fix.

If the Watch screen in the phone app can show me the Watch’s :battery:%, then the app should be able to alert me when that percentage dips below a certain threshold. This gets my vote.