Please add RED DOT to Wyze Watch display when battery is low!

The brief notifications of low battery on the watch (at 20% and 10% charge) are easily missed. This results in the user being unpleasantly surprised when the battery (suddenly) dies.

There have been other posts about this, proposing a notification on the phone, which would be helpful.

As a quick and easy alternative, please just display a (solid or blinking) RED DOT at the corner of the watch’s display once the charge dips below 20%!


I see you found the spot for this, and Welcome back to the forum!

Thank you! Looks like I should re-post this to the wishlist section


Any new feature should be posted to the wishlist section if you want any staying power.

Here it is an opinion that is easily missed by Wyze in this user-to-user forum. But they do read Wishlist. :slight_smile: