Notification when sensor moves out of range, or battery dies or gets below 20%

It would be useful for a mobile application I’m imagining if a notification could be sent when a sensor moves out of range of its bridge.

It would also be useful if a notification could be sent when a sensor battery dies. Perhaps this would be indistinguishable from the sensor moving out of range, but that would be OK.

Send a notification when batteries power is low (20%) or before it disconnects from bridge.

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Welcome to the community, @pboucher55. That functionality already exists in the app. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking he is referring to something more noticeable. I’ve heard others complain also. I’ve had 2 recently go offline and didn’t realize battery was low. I’m thinking maybe a push notification or when you come into the app you get a pop up with a better warning so it’s more in your face.

Thank you for your quick response, I agree that I can look at a device and see the battery gauge (low) but we don’t receive any modifications from the battery being low and if there is a setting for that I am not sure how to get

I have moved your topic to this existing request, and modified the topic slightly to fit your use case as well. You can vote for it at the top-left.

It would be really great if we had the option to set a notification for low battery levels in Wyze battery powered devices, especially with the new Outdoor Cam. That way we don’t have to keep checking it and we are prepared to replace it, or in the case of the Outdoor Cam, charge it.

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Wyze really needs a push notification for low batteries in the contact and motion sensors. I’ve read several posts on FB from people saying once you get five flashing red lights the unit will not sync again even with a new battery. We shouldn’t have to deal with that type of issue. Yes, you can open the app, go to device info for the sensor and view the battery level there but 1) how often does anyone do that, and 2) what the heck do bars for battery life mean?! Wyze is the only product I have that doesn’t use a percentage to indicate battery life. I also have heard that the red light starts to blink when the battery gets low but again, that doesn’t help because many people put their sensors in a location they don’t see them regularly. All of mine are either up high where I don’t walk around looking, or they are on the backside of a door such as a pantry or closet, so I don’t see those on a regular basis either.

Secondly, we need to be able to set when we want to receive a push notification for a low battery. Some people will need to be notified sooner rather than later. So allowing us to customize the notification would be really helpful.


That is strange but I received notification that the door sensor battery is low. It worked only one week and it is low now. How come?

As I am experimenting with a solar panel on the outdoor cam, where the panel charges the outdoor cam adequately, there is a constant notification of battery fully charged. Is there a way to disable this notification?

Also, have the notification and app explicitly display what battery is required. You have to look through the FAQ or pull down the device (and the adhesive isn’t good for multiple r/r).

Probably less expensive to do this in software than replace hardware for frustrated customers.

A low-battery notification in-app would be helpful. One of my door sensors is bricked because I didn’t notice the low-battery icon in the device list. Additionally, putting the required battery size in the dialog would be more helpful than having to dig through the FAQ or open the device to find what’s needed.

Contextual help (relevant, accessible) is UI 101.

Would like the app to send daily push notifications when the Wyze-Sense device has a low-battery.

Would you add an option to disable the “Full Battery” notifications? I plugged mine in overnight, and it gave me notifications about every 10 minutes once it was full. After unplugging it and putting it back outside, it continued to give me alerts every 10 minutes. The only battery notification option is to disable low battery, but I want that notification to stay on.

As I just had 4 sensors dying on me due to the (infamous but new to me) low-battery issue, what about a notification in the app, as a push and, why not, in IFTTT for such events?

A visual alert in the list of sensors (rather than in settings/device info) would be helpful as well

Not sure if this is the right place for this wishlist item but … Low battery push notifications are ok…if they work, but I would like to see a battery monitor function. I use the WYZE app a lot with the home monitoring hub and camers. Every time I open the app it defaults to the ‘Home’ tab wihere it lists the status of my 8 cameras, 22 motion and contact sensors, 2 keypads, and hub. For the items using batteries, in the right side of the list, if the sensor is offline, it shows a cloud icon with a line thru it. Why not put a default battery level icon and % there that will display the battery level of that item? If it is offline, the battery goes away and the cloud shows up. You can use color coded icons red\yellow\green to make it visually recognizable. This way, I don’t have to open all 24 items individually to check the battery… Which still doesn’t give me an accurate %. If anybody can tell me how to do this or a 3rd party app that will… Would love to learn. Thanks!

Have app notify low battery in sensors