Wyze Sensors (all types) - Add option to disable Low Battery notifications


I am adding this to the wishlist from my other post as a user recommended.

The weather in my area is getting cold and the climate sensors in cold areas are seeing low battery voltage constantly.

This condition creates lots of notifications on my devices and the notification cannot be disabled. I have notifications off for the device but they still come through.

Requesting that the notifications for sensors have an added toggle for “battery notifications”.


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Disable low battery notifications for sensors

Is there a way to mute low battery alert from other alerts?

When away from the location where devices are installed a daily notification is useless as we can’t change the batteries.

When looking around the app, I see no way to mute or acknowledge. So, I get alerts, run to my phone thinking its something or someone. And NO, it’s the useless low battery alert that I know, and can’t do anything about it.

even simpler, wyze sends an email to the person that battery is low. that is non intrusive and effective information.

Low Battery Notification on App for Climate Sensors

One of my climate sensors has a low battery. I know that because I’ve been getting a notification on my phone every 30 minutes for the past 7 days. The problem is I am away from the sensor and can’t correct the situation until I return. If I turn off notifications, then I don’t get the reminder when I get back that I need to change the battery. Can you change the notifications in the app to only notify you once a day? (i.e. have the app store the last notification date/time and then check it before popping up the new notification)

Because there are so many notifications about the low battery popping up, when I haven’t checked my phone for a couple of hours, I end up just dismissing all the notifications without reviewing each of them (because there are so many). The result of this is that I could actually miss a very important notification that happened during that timeframe.

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