Wyze Climate Sensor Battery

One of my Wyze Climate Sensors started notifying me every few minutes that the battery is getting low but I’m not home to deal with it.

• I don’t see anywhere in the app on how to silence the message which occurs every few minutes and sounds like all the other messages in the app.
• The message does not tell me what battery I need to buy.
• The app does not tell me what battery type I need.
• The product page and FAQs don’t tell me what battery it uses.

I also really wish they made a more robust temperature sensor with higher lower and upper ranges - similar to YoLink which I could use inside a freezer to make sure the freezer is working correctly.

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Have you tried turning off the notifications for the device in the Device Settings?

The Wyze Climate Sensors require a CR2032 battery.

We got it. Thank you for posting the specs. The fact that the battery specs aren’t listed in the app with the low battery notification or the half dozen other places is beyond me (n the notification, in the app, on the website, in the FAQ, with the Chat Bot, and known to anyone who is a live Wyze chat agent.

The notification settings are only related to high/low temperature and high/low humidity. There was not an option to silence low battery notification. If there was it was hidden somewhere not obvious under notifications.

IMHO, Team Wyze should address this with programming functions to “snooze” low battery reminder for X hours/days or better yet have it send an email instead of an app notification every few minutes.

Even the live chat person didn’t know what type battery I needed to buy on my way home and they didn’t know. Worse yet, the email response I received tonight from the support ticket didn’t answer the how to silence or what battery I needed. As paying customer, I think their support leaves a lot to be desired.

It has been suggested many times over that Wyze should be putting those technical specifications on the product page and in the knowledge articles for the products that use batteries. I am beginning to wonder if Customer Support isn’t just using the same Google Fu that we are when looking for answers.

I knew there were no settings in the Device Notifications Settings for the low battery warning. I was just wondering if disabling the notifications for the device altogether would stop them. Mine haven’t barked at me yet.