Wyze app to send low battery email / IFTTT for Wyze sensors (v1 & v2)

the wyze app currently does show low battery notifications in the notification area, which is good, but what is really needed is the wyze app to trigger a “low battery” email for Wyze sensors (v1 & v2).

Alternatively Wyze could add an IFTTT event, and then we could add the email part . There exists a “Low battery is detected” IFTTT event for the outdoor wyze cam, I cannot fathom why they didnt add an IFTTT event at the same time for the wyze sense, when they know that leaving the low battery bricks V1 sensors?!!

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Now don’t forget to vote on your own wishlist now that it’s live! :slight_smile:

I had one door sensor blinking the other day while walking by, and I checked the app and it showed low battery. I figured it was done, but I put in a new battery, and it rebooted fine.
I went ahead and checked the other 3 door sensors and the batteries showed “Normal” in the app.
This is a great idea, because the old V1 contact sensors are getting expensive on Ebay!

What I have discovered is that the Wyze app does not always show a low battery indication. I was examining my Wyze logs in the Hubitat app and wrote down voltages that were low. Went to the device, double checked that the Wyze app did NOT show a low battery indication and installed a new battery. I checked the removed batteries and discovered that the voltages were between 2.9 and 3.03 volts. Had it not been for the logs in Hubitat, I would have lost more sensors.

This begs the question; if the battery in the sensor is low enough that the Wyze app is no longer showing the sensor activity, then what is the chance that a low battery via email will work? I have stated many times, that a battery voltage report is necessary to give a heads up that a battery change is imminent.

Thanks for your observations. What we can safely conclude, is that the Wyze app, while its running in the background and polling the devices, just like Hubitat , the app knows about the low voltage, but is not informing us users of this in a way that will grab our attention (unlike product launches)

What is the net result of this? 1 by 1 the population of Wyze V1 sensors are being killed off.

Voting for an email notification would help slow this down, and show Wyze that there are a lot of us consumers who expect to be able to continue to use the V1 sensors we paid for.

You hit the nail on the head.

Plz add the leak sensors to the same boat.

If Wyze did nothing earlier on, clearly they do not care about supporting these crappy sensors at this point. “Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me.”

First these Wyze V1 sensors crapped out one by one… then the Wyze watch refused to charge due to corroded/disintegrated charge contacts… then the cheap plastic tabs broke on our Wyze Doorbell Cam so it is now taped in place. Then the forced Wyze 2FA fiasco.

We own a lot of Wyze cameras, smart bulbs, and plugs, but we’re suspending all future Wyze purchases until/if Wyze gets its act back to V2/V3 cam level stability. Eufy, we’re considering you in the meantime…

and Wyze had added IFTTT support for low battery on the outdoor cam, but did not add low battery support for contact sensors (which brick if left on low battery voltage) ?


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That sure speaks loudly of their planned obsolescence. That is such a shame.