IFTTT trigger added: Low battery is detected

A new Wyze trigger has been added in IFTTT.

Trigger added: Low battery is detected
This trigger fires when a Wyze Cam Outdoor detects a low battery status.


Neat! And a nice touch!

Do I really need to install the IFTTT on my phone in order for IFTTT to send an SMS message to it?

I don’t think so, I have the app but it appears you can create a applet from the website

I was able to create an applet to send a text to my phone. I used the Wyze WCO low battery trigger and the Samsung SMS text service as the action. I entered my cell number (updated it to include the leading 1) and ran the IFTTT applet check. After 5 minutes I have not gotten a text. Does the “check” option not actually test the process?

I only use IFTTT for a couple of other applets, so I don’t know a great deal about it workings. It seems fairly straight forward.

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The test button on your applet does not invoke the trigger or apply the action. It pings the two services just to see if they respond. IFTTT probably needs to make that clearer.


Thanks for the clarification.

Because my beta WCO is already in a low battery condition, it won’t trigger, It has to detect a change from “not low” to “low”?

Useful for the users who intend to keep the outdoor cam plugged into a smart plug.

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